Miley Cyrus Quotes One of Her Hit Songs in Celebration of President-Elect Joe Biden

by Kayla Zadel

Miley Cyrus is, well, quoting herself in light of the election results.

Miley Cyrus is sharing a tweet to illustrate her excitement for President-elect Joe Biden. She’s broadcasting her feelings alongside her Twitter followers.

“Now THIS is a PARTY IN THE USA! @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris,” Cyrus writes.

She’s referring to the iconic “Party in the USA” song, of course. The video features the song getting “cued up” by President-elect Biden. In addition, the clip features Vice President-elect Kamala Harris dancing. What’s more, there’s a clip of Trump getting rushed away by security from a podium.

Also, Cyrus retweets a couple videos of people sining her song like an anthem.

She also re-shares a video of people that are driving around, playing her song.

There’s even a video that’s surfacing of people chanting “Party in the USA” in Times Square, also.

As a matter of fact, Cyrus’ song is playing outside the White House.

Cyrus is typically very vocal about her feelings, especially on social media. She’s often very candid about her life, so it’s no surprise that her thoughts on the outcome of the election were no different.

Fans React to the Tweet

Presently, Miley Cyrus fans are sounding off on Twitter with reactions to her tweet that celebrates President-elect Biden winning the election.

Surprisingly, one follower is demanding that the Nation’s anthem be changed to Cyrus’ pop hit.


In addition, others are preparing to celebrate.

“I’m about to put on some pants so I can blast this all the way to the grocery store and buy $100 of champagne for my victory bath”

Miley Cyrus Set to Release New Music

Though her hit “Party in the USA” is still proving well for Cyrus, she’s still making music. This time she’s teaming up with her long-time idol, Stevie Nicks. The two collaborate on a mashup of “Edge of Seventeen” and “Midnight Sky.”

The song, “Edge of Midnight (Midnight Sky Remix)” is available now and is on Cyrus’ new album Plastic Hearts. Furthermore, the album’s set for release on Nov. 27.