Miley Cyrus Suffers Break-In at Family Storage Unit As Thieves Steal Family Photos

by Katie Maloney

Miley Cyrus’s Los Angeles storage unit was broken into again this week. Thieves stole priceless family photos.

Thieves broke into Cyrus’s unit in 2018 and stole over $10,000 worth of guitars. This week, her unit was hit again but this time thieves took something more valuable than expensive guitars. The burglars stole Cyrus’s family photos, clothes, and other moments. Police report that the burglars also robbed other units in the area. Some of Cyrus’s items have already been recovered. However, the police are still investigating the robbery.

Miley Cyrus’s Dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, Offers Her Advice About The Break-In

The first robbery occurred just weeks after the Malibu home that Cyrus shared with her then-husband, Liam Hemsworth, was destroyed by the Woolsey wildfire. After losing her home and having her storage unit broken into, Cyrus said during an interview that she was “in a really good kind of healing place right now.”

Luckily, Cyrus said that she received some helpful advice from her country music star father.

“My dad has always told me, ‘Life is a series of adjustments,'” said Cyrus.

She added that we don’t always understand our parents’ advice until we get older.

“Sometimes we never understand what our parents are telling us until we start to experience life more because they learn those things as they go,” said Cyrus. “So I’m starting to really understand what that means now,” she said.

After the loss of their home, Cyrus and Hemsworth donated $500,000 to a fund to help the community rebuild.

Cyrus’s New Album Goes Number One

No break-in is going to slow Miley Cyrus down anytime soon. Cyrus recently released her newest album, Plastic Hearts. Since its release in December, the album has spent six weeks as the number one rock album on the Billboard charts. This is Miley’s debut on the rock charts making this an even bigger accomplishment.

To celebrate her success, Cyrus posted a photo of herself on Instagram thanking her fans. Along with the photo she wrote, “You did it again! Plastic Hearts has spent 6 weeks as the #1 rock album in the country. This is all because of YOU supporting my record!”