Missy Robertson Reflects on Inauguration in Gorgeous Instagram Photo

by Katie Maloney

Missy Robertson, of the Duck Dynasty family, shared a photo of herself and her family at the inaugural ball.

Robertson shared a throwback post of sorts. She shared a photo of herself, her husband, and her brother and sister-in-law at the inaugural ball. The group was dressed in suits and beautiful ball gowns. Along with the photo, Robertson wrote, “I wrote this 4 years ago after returning home from the Inauguration. It holds even more true today for those of us who feel the loss. Our foundation of values should never shift even though the world changes around us. Our kingdom is not of this world. We serve a mighty and loving God!”

Robertson then shared her post from four years ago. She wrote, “Many emotions about our weekend in Washington, most great but some not. Reminded of where our true citizenship lies. “

Missy Robertson Has A ‘Cute + Cozy’ Clothing Line

Robertson recently shared her latest clothing line. On her website she shares that she felt called to the collection after looking for comfort during the pandemic.

“With all the uncertainness surrounding our lives, I have found myself reaching in my closet for the clothes that give me comfort,” says Robertson’s website.

The collection features soft tees, pullovers, sweaters and joggers. Additionally, Robertson offers a line of candles to help fans round out their cozy homes. The candles and clothing are all a part of her “Come Stay Awhile” collection. Robertson says that the collection is a way of giving back to the fans that contributed to the family’s success.

“For years our family was invited into your living rooms as your guests.  It’s time to return the favor.  Even if you haven’t visited us yet, we consider you our favored guests. Come Stay Awhile!” writes Robertson.