‘Monster’s Ball’ Child Star Coronji Calhoun Sr. Dies at 30

by Chase Thomas

Former child actor and star of the film Monster’s Ball, Coronji Calhoun Sr., has passed away at the age of 30-years old.

Calhoun’s mother reportedly revealed her son passed away on October 13. The reported cause was congestive heart failure and an issue with his lungs.

His mother, Theresa Bailey, wrote a message about her son on the GoFundMe the Calhoun family created.

Bailey wrote, “On behalf of the Calhoun and Bailey family, I would like to thank each and every individual who found it in their hearts to extend the much needed financial support to lay Coronji Sr. to rest.”

She continued, “We are blown away by the outpouring of love the community and Coronji’s adopted family has shown during our process of grief. While the financial burden has been lifted, we still mourn the loss of my son. As we close this chapter, we ask that in your remembrance of him, you remember to love your neighbor as yourself, because that is what Coronji did for his entire community.”

The Making of ‘Monster’s Ball’

Calhoun Sr. was perhaps best known for his role in the movie. It starred both Halle Berry, Sean Diddy Combs and Billy Bob Thorton. He played the son of Berry and Combs. The former emotionally and physically abused Tyrell, his character, in the film.

Berry said of the role in 2001, “That scene was actually harder for me [than the film’s famous love scene] because he’s a real little boy with a real weight problem and he has real issues surrounding it himself.”

She continued, “And he was not an actor. [Director Marc Forster] just plucked him out of obscurity in Louisiana, so he really didn’t understand the process, or so I thought. I talked a lot with him and his mother and I explained and explained, so before every take I would hug him and kiss him, and after every take I’d hug him and kiss him.”

Can you imagine being in that situation if you’re Berry? This had to be an extremely difficult position for Berry to have been in at the time. Still, to know she went above and beyond to ensure Calhoun, and his mother, were comfortable with what was going on after each extremely difficult scene is a beautiful thing to know. It really is. This was one of the more difficult movies to make as a whole. With the content and story behind it especially. However, Berry made sure that Calhoun and his family were in good spirits throughout, based on this interview. That’s great to know.

Calhoun leaves behind a 10-year old son and a 13-year-old stepson. Both Berry and Lee Daniels donated to the website. The amount was $3,394 and you can view the GoFundMe here.