‘Moonshiners’ and ‘Master Distiller’ Getting Brand New Seasons on Discovery

by Jonathan Howard

For those who like a little extra kick to their reality television, good news. Discovery is bringing back Moonshiners and Master Distiller. This fall is going to be back with more outlaw shiners and more of your favorite legal shiners as well.

Tickle and the crew are back on October 27th followed by the moonshine competition show afterward. From 8-10 PM EST, it’s all about the spirits. Just in time for Halloween, too. Believe it or not, even the outlaw shine business was impacted by COVID-19. So, this new season is going to be very important.

There is a huge demand for liquor at the moment, so the shiners should be able to name their own price and make some good money in the backwoods. Tickle, Tim Smith, Josh Owens, Mark Ramsey, Eric “Digger” Manes, and all the favorites are back.


Nothing is guaranteed for these outlaw shiners. Moonshiners show the struggles they go through. That includes Mike Cockrell and Jerry Benson returning to their stash house, even after being raided last year by police. Not to mention Ramsey and Digger are going to have to find their own way outside of Tennessee.

It appears that it is the Roaring 20s again in America. 100 years out from prohibition, moonshine is still being pumped out of streams and springs in the woods of Appalachia. Making a living and surviving on white lightning isn’t for the weak of heart. This career path is not all glamour and TV, as Cockrell and Benson can tell you.

Catch ‘Master Distiller’ Competition After ‘Moonshiners’

Following Moonshiners on Discovery Channel is a new episode of Master Distiller. The show puts the best of outlaw shiners against the best in the legal business. What makes a better liquor, a nice clean, pristine distillery, or the old still five miles in the woods?

Of course, your favorite Moonshiners characters will be there as well. Ramsey, Digger, Smith, and Tickle host the show, and the battle of booze is going to get underway at the end of this month. It is going to be two hours of great shiners content.

The great thing about the competition, there are all kinds of different liquors made. This isn’t just about clear 180 proof shine. This is about breaking down the art of distilling and finding out who the best of the best are, regardless of legal classification. Applejack, medicinal liquors, and more. These distillers are going to have to know their history and their way around liquor. Being able to use different carb sources, fruits, corn, and more.

By the end of the night, Moonshiners and Master Distiller are going to have viewers drunk on the action. The season begins in just a couple of weeks.