Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee Shares Message for Donald Trump and Rival Voters

by Thad Mitchell

Rock star and Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee has been anything but shy in voicing his thoughts on the 2020 election.

Using social media as his platform, he has made his political preferences well known. Lee continues his onslaught against President Donald Trump and his supporters on Thursday. In an early-morning tweet, he notes silence from Trump endorsers.

“Trump supporters are awfully quiet right now!” he writes. Lee attaches a laughing emoji to the end of his tweet to signify he finds silence among Trump’s faithful to be humorous.

The Motley Crue rocker didn’t stop there either. On Wednesday, as votes were still being counted, Lee tweets a picture of the White House with a photoshopped moving truck pulling up to the front door.

He also tweets a humorous video of a person sitting in front of the electoral college map, which shows Biden well ahead of Trump in electoral vote numbers. The person lip syncs “You about to lose your job” while dancing. The video is meant to imply that Trump will lose the election and Democratic candidate Joe Biden will assume the country’s highest office.

Also on Thursday, Lee tweets another video of a person driving by and mocking sign-toting Trump backers.

“Repeat after me,” the person says from his vehicle. “(Joe) Biden is soon to be your daddy”

Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee Says He’ll Leave Country if Trump Reelected

The 58-year-old Lee made headlines last month when said he would leave the country if Trump is reelected to another four years in office. He tells The Big Issue that he would rather head to Greece than stay in Trump’s America.

“Dude, I swear to god if that happens then I’m coming over to visit the U.K. I’m out of here,” Lee said. “I’ll go back to my motherland, go back to Greece, and get a house on one of the islands.”