‘NCIS’ Alum Michael Weatherly Hilariously Explains Why One Harrison Ford Video Inspires His Finger Pointing Technique

by Shelby Scott

“NCIS” alum Michael Weatherly displayed a lot of quirks and habits during his time on the hit show. Additionally, a famous one the actor endured is the Dinozzo head slap Agent Gibbs utilized throughout. The secretive Gibbs doesn’t really have a back story to the head slap besides something he shares only with Dinozzo.

However, the Dinozzo actor himself recently revealed the inspiration behind his finger-pointing technique. He posted on Twitter that he takes major finger-pointing inspiration from famous actor Harrison Ford. Observe.

Ford himself has held a long career in acting and has clearly managed to perfect his angry finger-pointing. Now we can only hope that, if Weatherly does make a surprise appearance in the new season of “NCIS,” he brings with him a perfected finger-point.

‘NCIS’ Fans Struggle Watching the Beloved Tony Dinozzo Actor on ‘Bull’

As many “NCIS” fans are aware, the Tony Dinozzo actor left the hit show several years ago to star in his own CBS drama, “Bull.” While I myself have not been able to bring myself to watch Dinozzo on another CBS set, other “NCIS” fans have. In a recent Reddit thread, commenters had a lot of varying opinions on Michael Weatherly as Dr. Jason Bull, and the comments have me further stalling watching the show.

“[Michael Weatherly’s] new character Jason Bull is eerily similar to Gibbs,” one Redditor wrote. Personally, I can’t imagine anyone but Mark Harmon fulfilling a Gibbs-type role. Unsurprisingly, it appears throughout the rest of the thread that a lot of Michael Weatherly/”NCIS” fans agree.

“I don’t think Bull is a Gibbs-like character,” one individual responded. “Gibbs has an intensity that Bull does not.”

Truthfully, I’m not sure there’s any character I’ve seen thus far that possesses such an intense personality as Agent Gibbs.

Michael Weatherly Felt ‘Constrained’ On the Set of the ‘CBS’ Show

“NCIS” fans, including myself, are still mourning the loss of “NCIS” star Michael Weatherly years later. However, he nevertheless intended to leave eventually. After so many seasons appearing as the show’s, and therefore Gibbs’, second, his role started to feel constrained. He saw he had little to no room for growth on the show and make new opportunities for himself.

Can we blame him? No, people seek newer and better job opportunities every day. I guess we as fans simply have to accept that eventually our favorite actors and characters need to move on to and it’s something unavoidable.

In discussing his position on “NCIS,” Weatherly said, “I always appreciated the gift of the job, but the hardest part of the whole experience was thinking, ‘Oh, no…I think it’s time I have to leave.'”