‘NCIS’ Boss Explains Why Meredith Eaton is Making Surprise Return in New Episode

by Anna Dunn

The NCIS showrunner just explained why Meredith Eaton is making a return and why the show is so excited to have her back. Showrunner Steven D. Binder sat down with TV Insider recently to discuss the return of immunologist Carol Wilson and other NCIS news.

Eaton is definitely welcome in season 19, where familiar faces seem more and more scarce after the departure of Mark Harmon, who played the leading man Special Agent Gibbs for almost 20 years. The last time Eaton made an appearance on the hit series was all the way back in season 11. Her first appearance was in season 7.

“We’re beyond excited to be able to work with Meredith Eaton again. She’s an amazing actor, who brings a wonderful energy to our show. Since her last guest appearance in Season 11, we’ve been chomping at the bit to have her back whenever her schedule allowed,” Binder explained. “And now, with the team desperately needing the help of an expert immunologist, who better than Meredith’s beloved ‘Carol Wilson’ to come and save the day? The only real question is, will she be in time?”

Eaton will come back for an episode written by Jimmy Palmer actor Brian Dietzen. She has also been on MacGyver, NCIS: New Orleans, Boston Legal, Veronica Mars, and Paranormal Activity.

The ‘NCIS’ Cast Broke the News Over Social Media

Fans found out about Eaton’s return thanks to some sweet Instagram posts made by members of the NCIS cast. Brian Dietzen, who obviously has a special involvement in the episode, wrote an especially kind message about Eaton’s return to the show.

“Sometimes you get to write something for tv. And sometimes that means you get to hang out with friends you haven’t seen in far too long. So happy you’re here @themereaton!” Dietzen shared.

Nick Torres’s actor Wilmer Valderrama also shared a post about her return, and it seems like everyone was thrilled to have her back.

The Next Episode Will Feature Some Wild Tech

The next episode of NCIS, which airs tonight, is going to take a look at a very interesting case. The team will interview a hologram of a murder victim that she made before her death. It definitely won’t be a traditional case, and while Meredith Eaton won’t be there quite yet, it’s not an episode you’re going to want to miss.

The new episode will air tonight at 9/8 CT on CBS. Following the episode, NCIS: Hawai’i also airs a new one that’ll deal with the aftermath of the Pearl Harbor tragedy.