‘NCIS’ Star Brian Dietzen Shares Heartbreaking Post on Anniversary of His Mom’s Death

by Madison Miller

Brian Dietzen, or Dr. Jimmy Palmer on the longtime crime show “NCIS,” shared a heartbreaking throwback post to honor the anniversary of his mother passing away.

On Instagram, the actor shared that she passed away seven years ago to this day. He shared two different images with his social media fans. One of which appears to be an old photo of him and a sibling with his mother outside of an airport. The second photo is a collection of sketches that were his mother’s.

The popular actor also wrote a sentimental message about his mother.

“My mom had a way of making me feel special no matter the occasion. She delighted in the smallest wonders of this world and appreciated everyone’s part in it. She had an amazing way of making everyone feel seen and loved. I always joked that my mom had somewhere around 345 best friends,” Dietzen wrote.

The actor shared that he tries to emulate her kindness and joyfulness in his everyday life. He even keeps a part of her with him while he’s working on “NCIS.”

“The second picture are a couple of drawings from my mom’s sketchbook. They’re hung up at my work office above Jimmy Palmer’s desk at NCIS. I love that I get to see an artistic piece of her every day at work, and I’m proud that she’s a small part of our show’s family,” Dietzen also wrote.

Fans on Instagram quickly swarmed in to offer their condolences. Others also shared stories of people they had lost over the years.

“NCIS” fans were also excited when the actor recently shared a photo of his iconic Jimmy Palmer glasses. He wrote, “These are going on my face now. Well hello Jimmy. Let’s do this.”

Brian Dietzen on ‘NCIS’

“NCIS” is gearing up for season 19, which is going to premiere very soon in the fall.

Recently, Dietzen’s character had one of the most depressing storylines in “NCIS” history. Viewers found out that his wife on the show, played by Michelle Pierce, died from COVID-19. He is now a single father and is balancing a hectic work life alongside parenting alone and dealing with a lot of grief.

Some fans are wondering if season 19 of the show will finally introduce a love story that lasts and isn’t fleeting. It seems as if most romance occurs as a person is leaving the show or it just doesn’t last long. For example, Emily Wickersham’s character and Wilmer Valderrama’s character finally kissed last season, but it was just as Wickersham announced she was leaving the show.

One of the most popular romances was between Tony and Ziva, but even that was mixed with fake deaths and a lot of overall confusion.

Season 19 may offer some new romantic pairings for fans to swoon over.