‘NCIS’: Does the Series Go Through Different ‘Eras’?

by Matthew Wilson

Out with the old and in with the new. Like most things in life, “NCIS” is constantly changing and in flux. The show has evolved several times through the years. In fact, comparing the start of “NCIS” with its past season is like comparing apples and oranges.

However, one fan believes the show can be broken into several distinct layers. Similar to an ancient dynasty or modern-day schooling, “NCIS” adheres to several different categories. On Reddit, the fan discussed after watching the series several times their breakdown.

They wrote: “I’ve been a pretty avid fan for awhile, on my third re-watch and have started to understand what I think the ‘Eras of NCIS’ really are to me, feel free to correct me and give your opinions.”

Season One and Two was the original era of the show. This was “NCIS” in its infancy in many ways, competing against popular shows like “Law & Order” and “CSI.” Think the golden era of police procedurals. Viewers could also define this era as the seasons with Kate. Sadly, everyone’s favorite agent wasn’t long for this world. A sniper bullet in Season Two’s finale shocked fans and promised that anything that followed would be different.

Meanwhile, Season 13 kicked off the “NCIS” that many fans remember fondly. The show introduced fan-favorite Ziva David to the team. Likewise, Mark Harmon’s Leroy Gibbs took a more hands-on approach during this era. This period of the show really kicked things up a notch. Fans grew attached to the NCIS team as the characters’ bonds deepened.

Sadly, you don’t know you’re in the good ole days until they passed. And fans mark around Season 11 to 13 as the endpoint for the “NCIS” Prime period. The show took a blow when Cote De Pablo left the show and Ziva David left the team.

‘NCIS’ Heads For Season 19

Ziva leaving the NCIS team kicked off a period of change. During Season 14 through 16, mainstays Tony DiNozzo and Abby Sciuto left the team. Likewise, Ducky Mallard took on a decreased role on the show. Meanwhile, the show welcomed new additions like Nick Torres, Jac Sloane, and Kasie to the team as well. It was out with the old guard, in with the new.

“I love every season as much as the last as most fans do,” the fan wrote. “Personally my favorite is season 2, the funniest the show can be, Kate, DiNozzo and McGee are the perfect trio, Abby is more darker and funnier than she later is, Ducky and Jimmy providing a funny dynamic and Gibbs being the ultimate master of timing, giving the best comebacks and shutdowns while also having some pretty good jokes and jabs.”

According to Reddit, Season 17 and 18 brought forward the Fall of Rome period for the show. “NCIS” started to lose that special magic that made it must-watch tv. It continues forward but without the characters that made it a hit to begin with. With Season 19, Leroy Gibbs may even be heading for an exit. Can “NCIS” reinvent itself once more?