‘NCIS’ Fans Debate Gibbs’ Relationship with Kate During the Early Seasons

by Shelby Scott

Because of its long history and strong character dynamics, “NCIS” fans consistently hope for and debate their favorite show relationships. The most recent debate arose on Reddit.

The discussion revolved around whether or not the show should have further explored a potential love interest between Agent Caitlin “Kate” Todd and Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs. While some fans were all for the idea, others were repulsed.

The debate sparked when one Reddit user wrote, “Why didn’t [producers] continue this potential Gibbs ship?” They of course directed the question toward Agent Kate Todd. Following the initial post, one user, who made the most realistic point: “I think it’s more that he was her boss and it would have been a bit iffy there.”

Another Reddit post added to this string of thought. “The supervisor/subordinate dynamic would have been the biggest barrier to exploring that plotline,” the post read. Truthfully, it’s one of the explanations that make the most sense.

Other Reddit responses, however, were livid at the thought of the potentiality of a romantic relationship between Kate and Gibbs. One response read, “Gross, anyone who thinks there was anything romantic between them is seriously disturbed.”

In the original post, part of the question was, “How come we can’t have a show where we put age differences aside and [have] a younger woman date and eventually marry an older man?” In response, another Reddit user blew up.

“Um are you joking? Younger woman/older man is all we ever seem to see in terms of TV pairings,” they wrote. While truthfully, they really aren’t wrong, the debate caused a lot of frustration and anger.

While the Kate/Gibbs ship didn’t go over well in the most recent “NCIS” Reddit thread, another exposed thoughts on one of Gibbs’ other exes. Gibbs’ relationship with Luitenant Colonel Hollis Mann initially began as a partnership when Mann first made her appearance on the show. Later, as many women do, Mann finds herself falling for the ever-closed off Gibbs and is now sparking debate about their relationship across Reddit.

One user opened up the discussion when they wrote, “When she and Gibbs first dated I found her pushy. She wanted Gibbs to be what she wanted, not who he actually was.” They then discuss her return post-breakup six years later. The user details their frustration when she approaches him married, apparently trying to force him to say something she wants.

Others brought their varying opinions to the discussion. However, the most important highlight of the thread was that Gibbs didn’t open up to her enough. Meanwhile, others came to the “NCIS” character’s defense claiming Gibbs rarely opens up to anyone.

Nevertheless, after four wives and three divorces, we can’t always pin the fault on the women of the show when it comes to Gibbs’ relationships.