‘NCIS’ Fans Debate Which Seasons Went ‘Downhill’

by Shelby Scott

With 19 seasons having aired on CBS, there are sure to be some seasons of “NCIS” that went over better than others. Now, fans of the hit show navigate an onslaught of brand new characters and their first season without Mark Harmon as the headlining character. As such, discussions have opened regarding which seasons of “NCIS” went “downhill.”

As always, leave it to Reddit for the latest topics and controversies regarding “NCIS.” The latest thread saw fans responding to the post, “What season is the best overall? Did NCIS ever go downhill?” However, the original poster also provided us with some key information regarding the seasons’ ratings, giving us some interesting perspectives.

For example, based on facts pulled from IMDb, we know that:

  • Season 14 of “NCIS” is ranked the worst in show history. Interestingly, the season falls right before Abby Sciuto’s departure in season 15.
  • Season 1 of “NCIS” falls low on the list, at 17 of 19.
  • Season 13 is the highest rated season as a whole.

The facts go on and on and if you’re interested, be sure to check out the rest of the thread. As for “NCIS” fan responses, they came as follows.

“The Ziva, Anthony, Tim, and Gibbs era is my favorite. My favorite seasons are probably either 5 or 7!!” said one follower. Another provided a clearer cut breakdown:

“I equate bad seasons with storylines. For me, these were the storylines that I hated:

Anything to do with Paloma Reynosa and her brother. (Season 7/8)

The whole lost boys theme that played out about The Calling (Season 12-13)

Season 14-a real blur.”

There ya have it folks, at least from one point of view. Meanwhile, others provided a litany of reasons and explanations regarding their favorite seasons and whether “NCIS” really ever did go downhill.

‘NCIS’ Alum Michael Weatherly Graces Fans with Throwback

Most recently, one of the show’s beloved actors, now having been absent from the team for 6 years, shared a sentimental throwback photo and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t teary-eyed.

“NCIS” alum Michael Weatherly, famously known on the show as “very” Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo, posted a throwback photo featuring himself and Harmon side by side on the cover of TV Guide in 2013. Weatherly captioned the post, “That time this happened:,” followed by this photo:

For longtime fans of “NCIS,” the post came as a punch to the gut. The issue was published soon after fan-favorite character Ziva David took her own leave from the team. The photo captures a young Agent Gibbs and an even younger Anthony DiNozzo.

In all, it brought us back to one of our core teams and, following the major transitions of this season, it’s bittersweet to think so many years have passed without so many beloved characters.