‘NCIS’ Fans Discuss Favorite Quotes From the Show

by Shelby Scott

“NCIS” is often deemed America’s favorite TV show. With all the inside jokes and one-liners, it’s easy to see why. With such a well-oiled cast, both the actors and their roles often allow individuals to be their most authentic self. In one Reddit thread, “NCIS” fans discussed some of their favorite show quotes and lines. Some of which are definitely memorable.

One particular line that stood out for fans occurred very early on in the show’s history. One exchange between Agent Anthony Dinozzo, Agent Caitlin “Kate” Todd, and Special Agent Gibbs circled the double-b in Gibbs’ name. “Why do you need two Bs?” asked Kate. “Second one’s for ‘bastard,” Gibbs said.

While criminals may believe him, it’s not the only remarkable quote on the show. Reddit users highlighted a lot of other favorite quotes. The same user thoroughly enjoyed (and so did I) when very serious Agent Gibbs referred to Agent McGee as “elf lord.” Known for partaking in what some might call “nerdy” pursuits, McGee takes a lot of flack for his love of fantasy video games.

And of course, we can’t feature a list of favorite “NCIS” quotes without spotlighting at least one quote from Dinozzo. Reddit particularly enjoyed the episode where Dinozzo frantically said (as quoted by Reddit), ”We’ve lost agents before haven’t we, and when we do it’s ALL HANDS ON DECK!” A rather absurd and entirely reasonable response, but Reddit seemed to enjoy the normally cool and laid-back agent’s frantic exclamation.

Reddit Revealed Some “NCIS” Inside Jokes – And What Made Them So Funny

While several other participants in the conversation highlighted quick one-liners and other humorous exchanges, one insightful commenter provided an interesting look into some of the less obvious insiders between castmates.

“I like when they used to have references in the show that were inside jokes for the actors,” Redditor @AranelMac writes. During one scene where the team takes a plane away from their usual digs, Gibbs works on a crossword puzzle and says that the clue is a TV medical drama. To which Dinozzo replies, “St. Elsewhere?” which is funny among the cast because Gibbs’ actor, Mark Harmon, played on the show during the 80s.

Another episode features a quick one-line from Tony. In response to something (that has a good chance at having been a serious question), he said, “I have a better chance of getting a date with Jessica Alba.” The line is humorous for fans in-the-know because Dinozzo’s actor, Michael Weatherly, was previously engaged to Alba at one point.

While Redditers in this particular “NCIS” discussion seemed to enjoy the sarcasm and humor implemented on the show, another Reddit thread took issue with Agent Dinozzo and medical examiner Jimmy Palmer. For some fans, it appears the two characters, whether by intention or not, often appeared “childish” together. Fans even said some of their interactions were “annoying” and “unnecessarily childish.” Although some users tried to provide logical reasoning for the pairs’ interactions, that particular discussion board did not seem as amused by the characters’ quips as they did on this more recent thread.