‘NCIS’ Fans Discuss Least Favorite Episode From the Series Ahead of Season 19

by Shelby Scott

“NCIS” fans have shared a whirlwind of thoughts, concerns, and conversations following the confusion and changeups that soon debut with the season 19 premiere. Many of those conversations have taken place on Reddit, and the most recent surrounds “NCIS” least favorite episodes. And while the “NCIS” has gained lots of love in the almost-two decades since it aired, boy, did fans have a lot to say.

The initial question one Redditor posed simply read, “What is the worst episode in the entire series currently? Pick one, not based on IMDB please. Your own thought that is.”

While CBS has seen major success with “NCIS,” fans completely slaughtered some of its individual episodes.

One Redditor claimed the season 7 episode “Obsession” (21) was the worst of the series. “[T]ony becomes obsessed with a TV reporter. it’s an incredibly out of place episode in the series…and Tony is totally out of character in it. Just random all around.” No one likes an out-of-character Tony DiNozzo after all.

Others highlighted episodes in which Abby appears as what @realclowntime termed a petulant child. The specific episodes referred to “Cracked” and “Dog Tags.”

Another highlight disklike takes place in season 9, episode 6. It’s then where Ducky finds he’s dating a serial killer. That same Redditor also pointed to season 7, episode 15 where Ziva plays a truck driver. It seems lots of “NCIS” fans dislike their favorite agents acting out of character, intentionally or not.

The conversation goes on, but we’re sure the rest of you Outsiders have your own thoughts and opinions on “NCIS” worst episodes.

‘NCIS’ Success is Dependent Upon Major Characters

The media surrounding “NCIS” in addition to its fans continue to speculate about the future of CBS‘s hit show. However, fans recently shared which two characters are crucial in maintaining the show’s major success.

As always, Reddit comes through with key information and input. A recent thread questioned which two characters’ absences would cause fans to drop “NCIS” entirely should it ever happen. OP said Gibbs’ and Fornell’s leave would be detrimental to viewership.

Still others highlighted a range of character pairings, however, unsurprisingly almost every pair included Gibbs. After all, he serves as the patriarch of both the “NCIS” team and the show beginning in its first airing in 2003 and has seen character after character, leave. He’s been a constant in a series full of changes and transformations and his absence would deeply wound the essence of the show overall.

Other Redditors pointed to McGee as a key factor in “NCIS” success. His leave from the show would also be detrimental as he’s only one of a very small collection of original cast members left. Only one fan’s pick didn’t include Gibbs, and that pairing consisted of Jimmy Palmer and McGee.

Regardless, we must wait to hear more about the future of “NCIS” as we still have about a month until the new season premieres.