‘NCIS’ Fans Left Heartbroken After Emotional Scenes in Episode 4

by Shelby Scott

“NCIS” has seen a lot of beloved characters come and go. From our first major character loss with the death of Special Agent Kate Todd to the most recent departure of the agency’s Special Agent Ellie Bishop, “NCIS” fans have endured.

However, longtime fans of the CBS hit show just experienced the loss of all losses after “NCIS” saw the official departure of the quintessential agent, Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Alongside myself, hearts are breaking following the emotional conclusion of this season’s fourth episode.

Gibbs has served as the “NCIS” team’s stoic leader and father figure since the show’s debut in 2003. 19 seasons later, CBS bids farewell to the iconic character and cast member alike, leaving plenty of space available for any potential Gibbs’ returns later down the line.

Nevertheless, as we still have plenty of “NCIS” Season 19 to explore, fans of the hit show shared their thoughts and reactions across Twitter.

Like many “NCIS” fans, Sherry shared on the platform, “I’M GONNA CRY,” and truth be told, I am still crying.

Others pointed to the explosively emotional moment Gibbs bore McGee, his longest-reigning agent on the team, farewell. “I’m not going back, Tim,” Gibbs says, and at that came the tears. Many of them.

Meanwhile, still more fans bid Gibbs and his actor Mark Harmon emotional farewells of their own across the platform.

So whether we see Gibbs back on “NCIS” later down the line, or somewhere new altogether, Outsiders are thankful for the long 19 seasons in which we learned alongside the beloved character.

What Becomes of ‘NCIS’ Now?

Fans have predicted potential solutions to the inevitable Gibbs departure and it appears many of them were correct. Gibbs’ final “NCIS” episode consisted of one long, incredibly emotional goodbye segment for the beloved character, and for that at least, we couldn’t be more grateful.

After all, such an iconic and devoted agent deserves the most genuine of farewells. Regardless, it appears that Gary Cole’s character, FBI Agent Alden Park, could potentially fill the incredibly large void left by Gibbs, however not in the way many of us imagined.

While Park’s initial interactions with Gibbs were verbally hostile, the two consistently at each other’s throats, the former FBI agent apparently gained a grudging respect for the longtime “NCIS” agent during his short time working with him.

We quickly find out the FBI wound up firing Park as he did not arrest Gibbs in Alaska when the agent had the chance. Therefore, like so many characters before him, there is a void to be filled at “NCIS” and now nothing holds Park back from filling that void. Nevertheless, filling Gibbs’ large shoes will take more than just a few episodes.