‘NCIS’ Fans Prepare ‘Final Wish List’ in Case Upcoming Season 19 is the Last

by Suzanne Halliburton

NCIS fans are pondering whether season 19 will be the series swan song. Is it just fatalistic musings? Or summer-induced TV anxiety?

So if this is the last year for Gibbs, Torres, McGee, Kasie and Vance, some fans want NCIS to bring back some beloved characters for cameos.

Here’s one fan’s wish list that was posted in the Reddit NCIS group by one user under Classic-Bowl-9940.

The user wrote: “I am hoping for cameos of previous characters….even for one (episode)

Top 5 wishlist

  1. Tony and Ziva : together or separate- Maybe Gibbs goes underground and asks the two for help
  2. Agent Borin : Always loved this character, closest we got to Gibbs, she comes in gives the team some good ol Gibbs push
  3. Hollis Mann: I love this character, but it have to be an episode with gibbs in it.
  4. Sloane : She returns to mourn Gibbs, with a Serial Killer on the loose, they’d need her profiling skills
  5. Abby: Not sure in what scenario, but it be nice…maybe a Mcgee Scuitto team up episode.

I wanted to add Bishop but still kinda sore bout the way she left…

What Do You Think? Is This a Good NCIS List?

This sounds like an excellent wish list for a potential good-bye NCIS kind of season. Of course, everyone would want to see Ziva (Cote de Pablo), who NCIS writers brought back from the (presumed) dead. She came back for a story arc in season 17. Yes, Ziva didn’t die in an explosion, like we all thought.

And it would make sense for Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) to come back with Ziva. After all, his exit off the show had to do with Ziva. He found out that Ziva was the mother of his daughter. So he left to take care of their daughter after Ziva (allegedly) died. However, Weatherly is the star of Bull, which also is on CBS. He plays a jury consultant loosely based on Dr. Phil McGraw. Would he have time to do NCIS and Bull?

Abby, the Goth-inspired forensic scientist, also would be a welcome NCIS cameo. Pauley Perrette quit the show in 2016. She reportedly had a falling out with Mark Harmon, who wasn’t even in Perrette’s final good-bye scene on the show. Instead, Abby had a good-bye letter delivered to Gibbs.

Maria Bello played Dr. Jack Sloan was a potential love interest for Gibbs. But Bello left the show in December to be with her fiance Dominique Creen, the three-star Michelin chef who is battling breast cancer. Bello’s last episode was in March. She told TV Line that she had several projects lined up, including The Woman King. That movie is based on a real-life, all-female army. Viola Davis is set to star.

No doubt, most NCIS fans would love to see these cameos. But as one user replied:

“We’d all love that, but practically I don’t think it’s going to happen. I think some of these characters have burned too many bridges.”

NCIS returns for season 19, Sept. 20.