‘NCIS’ Fans Say One Scene Makes ‘More Sense’ Following Emily Wickersham’s Recent Major Announcement

by Shelby Scott

Reddit has been abuzz lately with several “NCIS” star departures. Currently, they are “making sense” of a scene that occurred during season 16, episode 10. The scene captures an intimate moment between Agents “Ellie” Bishop and Nick Torres.

The episode explores the discovery of a baby left at a naval base. During the investigation, the baby is put under the team’s care. Bishop and Torres later find themselves overlooking the baby and conversing about things that truly matter.

One Reddit user seems to better understand the significance of the scene following Emily Wickersham’s recent pregnancy announcement. The photo, shared on her Instagram, displays a rather pregnant Wickersham, poolside, in a black bikini and tan sunhat. Because many actresses take leave from their shows following a new pregnancy, it makes sense she left her role on “NCIS.”

As far as the Christmas-baby scene goes that Redditers are talking about, Bishop and Torres share some dialogue that vaguely suggests Wickersham’s pregnancy. The dialogue touches on how Bishop “almost died” during that episode. Following that statement, she and Torres make mention that they’re trying not to think of it. “That baby made it a lot easier,” Bishop says.

She pauses and then continues: “But it can’t help but make a person reassess things,” she states. Bishop mentions the concept of forever, and the things people both “hold onto” and “leave behind.” At that moment, she reflects on her life as an agent. She seems to consider the people (in the setting of the show) who matter to her. However, some of the dialogue may have also hinted at her latest addition, as well as her position on the show and which of those two things were ultimately going to matter most to her.

‘NCIS’ Fans Had Other Suggestions As to Why Emily Wickersham Left the Show

To date, Wickersham has not provided specific reasoning as to why she left “NCIS.” Her pregnancy announcement may definitely be a major factor in her decision to vacate her character’s role on “NCIS.” Other fans discussed further possibilities.

Some “NCIS” fans very much doubted her pregnancy caused Wickersham to depart. They supported their argument, stating, “Maybe she wanted to not be so busy. Plus then [producers] would have to work the pregnancy in for Bishop. Or write her out for the duration of the pregnancy.” Very possible, as other shows have done the same many times before.

Other voices highlighted the possibility that Wickersham simply became bored on the show. “I doubt her being pregnant had anything to do with her leaving the show. Much like Lauren Holly (Jenny Sheppard), I believe Emily left due to becoming bored with her role as Bishop.” Also a plausible answer. However, Wickersham is keeping her decision a mystery, for now, as well as many other details about her pregnancy.