‘NCIS’ Fans Share One ‘Unpopular’ Opinion Ahead of Season 19 Premiere

by Jacklyn Krol

NCIS fans are divided when it comes to certain topics.

Reddit user Sensitive_Suspect created an unpopular opinion thread to explain why they did not like the character of Abby. Despite Pauley Perrette leaving after 15 seasons in 2018, she still remains a presence on the show. Emily Wickersham was the latest star to leave the series. Eleanor “Ellie” Bishop was a character that was featured for almost eight years. Going back to Abby, this fan explained her feelings about the beloved character.

“It’s not that she’s dumb in skills,” they began. “Believe me. I would love to have a forensic scientist who knows what you ate for breakfast without even looking at you. The problem is that she’s too petty, too childish, too scared.”

The NCIS fan believes that she doesn’t talk to people in the correct manner. Her most obnoxious drawback? She doesn’t stop talking even when they try to explain something.

The user noted that she is “wholesome” and she does come off as a close friend or member of the family.

“I rather like Bishop more, because aside from speaking what’s only needed,” they continued. “She’s got the big heart that everyone loves and she’s the person even Gibbs would take a bullet for aside from Abby.”

The Reactions

Although the person expected to get roasted in the comments section, it was actually a mixture of positive and negative comments.

Another user noted that Abby became their least favorite character. The person believed that she went from being “a sexy Goth genius, to super annoying Goth genius.” They believed that the character of Abby didn’t progress but rather regress. Additionally, they believed Cassie was “almost as bad.”

A person responded that Cassie was loyal and normal. “Doesn’t mind the screwball antics that the trio pulls off on a daily basis, and dedicates her time to work and personal life alike,” they added.

‘NCIS’ Reddit

NCIS Reddit fans are extremely eagle-eyed. One user, @Tinglesnap, noticed that during Season 9 Episode 17, Timothy McGee wrote with his left hand. He was then dubbed “McLefty.” If only DiNozzo was around to say that.

The character of McGee was just supposed to be a one-time guest star role.

He first appeared during Season 1 Episode 7 in 2003 called “Sub Rosa.” The character of Tony (Michael Weatherly) was on the shore by himself and needed someone to bounce things off of. Enter McGee.

Although it was planned to be a one-time thing, the show creators saw their chemistry. He quickly became a series regular on the show and a fan favorite among viewers. DiNozzo and McGee would bounce things off of one another until Weatherly’s departure in 2016 in Season 13. (He then led his own CBS series Bull). Could you imagine the show without Timothy McGee?