‘NCIS’ Fans Weigh in on Favorite McGee Moments on Actor Sean Murray’s Birthday

by Jonathan Howard

Today is a big day for NCIS actor Sean Murray! It is his birthday and fans are celebrating by going over their favorite Timothy McGee moments from the show. So, let’s take a look at the hoopla and take a little trip down memory lane. Happy birthday, Sean!

Of course, the show’s official Twitter and Instagram pages are wishing Murray a happy birthday. They put out some posts asking fans to weigh in on their favorite moments. It seems that there is a lot to pick from. Check out the tweet below and get a look at the crazy 18-year transformation that McGee has gone through on the show.

One of the first moments that a fan brought up was from all the way back in Season 2. McGee and company all look so young. They are taking on a close combat training session and McGee bit off more than he could chew. Kate ended up taking him down in grapples, instant fan favorite.

One that was echoed more than once was the fainting spell that McGee suffered. That was an NCIS moment to remember. Here’s how one fan put it in the replies:

“Sean is the reason I started watching #NCIS. There are so many scenes I love, but I especially like when McGee faints upon hearing that Delilah is pregnant. Or McGee & Gibbs fishing scene from earlier this season, or when McGee ‘fired’ Gibbs (& so on & on).”

There are just so many great moments to remember. Fans sounded off in the comments and replies, some agreeing with others, and then remembering more of their favorite scenes in the process. He is now the longest-running main character on the show and likely the most beloved as well. NCIS wouldn’t be the same with Timothy McGee.

‘NCIS’ Star Sean Murray Looks Back on Life on the Show

It has been 18 years now that Special Agent McGee has been with the NCIS team. His career could be heading off to college if it were a person. Over the course of all those years, Sean Murray has learned a thing or two. So, of course, he has some ideas about what he could have done differently. Here’s what the actor wishes he could say to his younger self.

It is quite simple. “Stop worrying so much. Worrying is the biggest waste of energy and bad for you.”

When we are just getting started in our prospective careers, worrying can be something we do constantly. Folks are usually their own worst critics. In a high-stress field like the entertainment industry, where one role could be your lucky break, this is especially true. If the younger Murray knew where he would be just 20 some years later, perhaps he would have worried less.

Another year, another season of McGee on NCIS. Happy birthday, Sean Murray!