‘NCIS’: Full Recap of Season 19, Episode 3

by Jonathan Howard

Another action-packed episode of NCIS just aired and wow. Gibbs has earned his reputation as a good shot over the years. That was on full display as the episode opened up today. Last episode we were left with Paul Lemere, the hired gun and suspected “serial killer” being shot.

After making a break for it out of the interrogation room, the suspect was shot by Gibbs who had just arrived at the lobby in the elevator. One shot. We find out that the hitman survived. Just barely. The NCIS veteran almost killed his target.

Of course, FBI Special Agent Parker loads into Agent Gibbs. Before the two are told that Lemere had survived, Parker was in the middle of telling the NCIS Agent he was “reckless and dangerous.” With the suspect surviving, it looks like Gibbs was justified in his actions.

Soon, Gibbs, Parker, and Lemere are on a road trip to find the answers

NCIS Goes Back to the Pentagon

The unlikely trio aren’t the only ones going on a trip. Torres and Knight head to the Pentagon as they try to figure something out about these payments. They speak with Army First Lieutenant DFAS Andrea Falco and she helps them out. Her tip was to look into Sonova Industries.

The contract account was linked back to the Pentagon due to Falco’s office processing the payment. The main office is located in Virginia.

Of course, on the other side of the episode, Lemere isn’t being super helpful. While he says he is taking Parker and Gibbs to his first victim, he isn’t giving much more information. Parker is just trying to talk about the case with the suspect. He informs the FBI Special Agent if he wants to know more about him, “ask Leroy here.”

Soon, the hired gun starts to relent. Lemere talks about his upbringing and the trauma in his life. It sounds a lot like the third occupant in the car. He enjoys drawing parallels between himself and Gibbs.

After stopping to get a bite to eat, Lemere waits in the car while the FBI Agent and Gibbs talk about the case. Parker is unsure about continuing the journey. He also says he doesn’t like whatever it is that Lemere and Gibbs have between one another. When Parker asks if he wants to turn around, Gibbs leaves it up to him.

Then, just as Parker calls in that they are going back, Gibbs hits the gas and drives off with Lemere.

A Killer…Just Like Me

So, down one Special Agent, suspended NCIS Agent Gibbs and Lemere continue the journey. It is clear that the killer is getting under the skin of Gibbs. Mind games are a big part of Lemere and his approach.

Lemere is really into comparing himself to Gibbs. It is his own little mind game. He is clearly trying to get the suspended agent to react. Get in his head a bit.

Then, Lemere digs in deeper. He asks how many of those kills that Gibbs has in his career were necessary. How many times did the agent pull the trigger and have no need to? Of course, he brings up the fact that Gibbs killed the man that murdered his wife and daughter. The agent drives faster and has flashbacks through the past. Including the incident that led to his suspension.

After hearing enough from the killer, Gibbs pulls him out and punches the window behind Lemere’s head. As the criminal taunts Gibbs, the agent pulls his gun but doesn’t shoot.

NCIS Team Digs into Sonova

While digging into the Sonova stuff, Kasie finds out some interesting information. The NCIS Agent discovers there were 100 people being surveilled by the contractor. Of those, four were grouped together and three had already fallen victim to Lemere.

Without a lot of concrete evidence, they bring in the CEO of Sonova, Sonia. After questioning, they have nothing to keep her, so they let her go.

While the team found the first victim of Lemere’s, the trip continues. Instead of taking him to the victim, he takes him to the Tanners in Syracuse, NY. Lemere tries to grab a stashed gun, but Gibbs stops him. As they continue walking, Lemere takes him to a tree. There, his wife is buried.

“Maybe I was wrong about you…Maybe there’s still hope,” he says as he steps on a landmine, killing himself. He does give a big clue right before his demise. The team needs to look into a bay in Alaska. That is where they will find their answers.

Sonia hops a plane for Alaska. She’s going to likely meet up with Gibbs and McGee. For now, Gibbs takes a visit to his wife and daughter’s gravesite. Chills. Another great episode of NCIS.