‘NCIS: Hawai’i’ Director Gives Filming Update With New ‘Beautiful’ Cast Photo

by Leanne Stahulak

“NCIS: Hawai’i” director Larry Teng had lots of fond words earlier for the cast and crew as he prepared to leave the Hawaiian islands.

Teng directed at least the first four episodes of the new “NCIS” spin-off series. This will soon be the first show to feature a female lead (Vanessa Lachey), and one of Asian American / Pacific Islander descent at that. It was important to Teng, as a fellow Asian American, that he proudly represents that community while also honoring the Hawaiian community where the show takes place.

All summer, Teng has been updating fans on “NCIS: Hawai’i”‘s filming progress. He’s posted behind-the-scenes shots of filming as well as fun outtakes of the cast. But yesterday’s post was an emotional, gratitude-filled shoutout to everyone he worked with on the show.

“As I sit at the airport and reflect on my time here, I leave with mixed feelings,” Teng wrote. “Because there’s a part of me that feels a sense of longing as I am leaving, and the other an uplifting feeling knowing that this show we’ve created are in the hands of wonderful people.”

‘NCIS: Hawai’i’ Director Larry Teng Thanks Everyone Involved In Show

“Thanks to this cast – beautiful human beings each of you – who have brought these characters to life,” Teng continues in his post caption. “Thanks for trusting me and believing in the process. I cannot wait for America to fall in love with you guys as all of us who’ve seen already have.

“To my producing partners: thank you for trusting me with your ideas. Your words. Your script. I think we can safely say, mission accomplished.”

The “NCIS: Hawai’i” director had the most words for his crew, who worked diligently by his side while creating the show.

“But to this crew – I took this show for many reasons. But none stronger than to get a chance to bring a show to Hawai’i and set it up the right way,” Teng wrote. “You all know how I feel; I’ve said it too much. Keep your standards high. Make this yours. Protect what you believe in. Don’t let anyone from the outside take that away from you.”

He later continues with more industry-specific, technical advice.

“You cannot make art in a factory. There’s no mold for what we do. Don’t cut corners. Don’t take shortcuts,” the director said. “If you have to get the camera in the right place, do it — if you have to go another take, do it — if you can afford to wait for the light, do it — if you can achieve something higher and greater and better, do it. Those who’ve worked with me before have heard me say this: it doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing. It only matters what we do.”

Larry Teng eventually ends with a thank you and promise to everyone.

“Mahalo for your graciousness. Thank you for letting me play on your aina. I will be back. Aloha.”