‘NCIS: Hawaii’: Full Recap of Episode 3

by Joe Rutland

“NCIS: Hawaii” saw NCIS agent Kai Holman go undercover as part of an investigation into a petty officer’s murder on Monday night.

The CBS police drama starring Vanessa Lachey aired its third episode from the premier season called “Recruiter.”

According to an article from Celebrity Laundry, Petty Officer First Class Miles Hayward ends up getting murdered. Once NCIS Special Agent in Charge Jane Tennant, played by Lachey, and her team receive word about the body being found, they go to the scene.

Hayward was a recruiter for the Navy, therefore a tie-in to the episode’s name. One thing he did was make sure troubled youth found a place to go in the military.

But his latest recruit was a kid named Kekoa Neal, who was with Hayward when he died.

‘NCIS: Hawaii’ Episode Has Navy Recruiter Helping Out Troubled Teenager

Neal received a good look from the “NCIS: Hawaii” team.

Team members asked if anything was strange. Neal said Hayward would train with him but has been begging out of running steps.

The team went on to search the body. An autopsy shows Hayward was beaten up and soon died. It appears that the murder suspect was whoever beat Hayward up.

With a warrant in hand, they searched Hayward’s house and found a secret compartment. In there was a gun, so they ran a check on it. The gun was used in gang violence, so it led the team to the Oceania Boys, a surf gang.

Kai Goes Undercover and Joins Oceania Boys Surf Gang In Investigation

Their No. 1 goal? Protect their beaches from outsiders. They were just about the killing and violence, boss.

Kai, played by Alex Tarrant, got into the group while other “NCIS: Hawaii” team members looked for info on gang members.

The name of Brad Pacheco came up. He was recruited by Hayward.

While he didn’t make it because he lied about his criminal record, Hayward did not give up. The recruiter looked out for Pacheco. But team members were led to think that Pacheco was the one who gave Hayward his gun.

Tennant Ends Up Squaring Off Against Pacheco’s Mom, Who Is The Murderer

The “NCIS: Hawaii” team chased after Pacheco. They got him and brought him back to HQ for interrogation.

Pacheco said he didn’t know that Hayward was dead. Pacheco also claimed innocence about the beatdown.

They told him Hayward was dead but wanted to know where Pacheco had been. The boy’s mother came running in, though.

But the “NCIS: Hawaii” team figures out that Brad’s mother was behind the murder.

We then get a “mom vs. mom” battle between Tennant and Andrea Pacheco. Who won? Well, it was another case completed by “NCIS: Hawaii” on time.