‘NCIS’: Long Before Role as Alden Parker, Gary Cole Appeared on ‘Law & Order: SVU’

by Shelby Scott

Gary Cole has made numerous appearances in television series and films throughout his acting career. Previously, before playing Alden Parker on “NCIS,” he appeared on another famous crime show, “Law & Order: SVU.”

Cole’s 2004 part was small. However, it became part of the collection of Cole’s acting debuts. The episode he guest-stars in as Xander Henry and it features Cole as a controversial lawyer. Encompassing the murder and sodomy of a fraternity pledge master, the detectives pursue the victim’s case.

The trailer featuring Cole, which you can view here, highlights one of the investigators’ potential suspects as she was recorded in one of the murdered individual’s x-rated videos. Regardless, as far as Cole’s part, he represents the true murderer in court. Although, he later sees to it that, while appearing to side with the “bad guy,” he used his role to gain justice for the deceased.

Gary Cole Kicks Off ‘NCIS’ Role as One Difficult Character

The 19th season of “NCIS” has received impressive viewership and has given us closure to some of the open-ended plots of last season. However now, we’ve seen one of the CBS hit show’s characters easily slide into his new role.

FBI Agent Alden Parker has proven a dynamic influencer within the show’s plot. So far, his character has caused friction between Gibbs, Director Vance, and “NCIS” themselves. As such, he character has created some bumps in the road for our favorite “NCIS” crew. Although, now we know Parker, previously predicted a new villain, is simply working undercover.

Further, last week we found out the team has interrupted Parker’s undercover mission. Ironically, both NCIS and Parker work to unravel the investigation surrounding the serial killer.

The conclusion of last week’s episode saw our newest character in a heated discussion encompassing the two agencies’ now-combined investigation. And as far as “NCIS” goes, the FBI agent intends to share intel with the investigative team. However, friction arises when Parker requests Gibbs remains outside of “the know.”

Ultimately, however, tonight’s episode furthered the new character’s part on the show. It dynamically featured him verbally sparring with Gibbs for the majority of the pair’s time together on air.

Gibbs Leaves Alden Parker Stranded

I don’t want to spoil tonight’s episode for those who plan to stream it later. But know you’re in for a pretty dynamic turn of events.

The episode begins with FBI Agent Parker and the iconic Gibbs having words outside of the suspect’s hospital room. After shooting the suspect at the end of last episode, Parker reams Gibbs a new one, insisting their only lead in pursuing the serial killer case is now dead.

However, as usual, showrunners provided fans a tiny bit of comic relief. One of the suspect’s doctors basically states that he should live in addition to making a full recovery. The doctor further shared that had the bullet pierced the victim only an iota higher, he would have died.

The rest of the episode highlights the grudging respect Gibbs and Parker begin to acknowledge each other with during an outing to upstate New York. That is, anyway, until Gibbs leaves Parker stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Although, as for the rest of Cole’s development during this episode of “NCIS,” I’ll let you explore that on your own.