‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Cast Describe Season in Just One Word

by Megan Molseed

What do you get when you mix a little NCIS: Los Angeles unpredictability, a bit of family, a few surprises, some moments of reinvention, and a whole lot of trust?

Well, it looks like a mix of all of these would bring us into the brand-new episodes of the NCIS: Los Angeles’s thirteenth season!

The Sunday, October 10 premiere of NCIS: Los Angeles’s thirteenth season is almost upon us. Fans have been waiting for some time, eager to see what our favorite Los Angeles officers are up to.

And, a recent NCIS: LA Twitter post gave fans a unique glimpse of what they can expect as the new season premieres tomorrow night as the NCIS: Los Angeles detectives shared with us one word that they each think best describes the upcoming thirteenth season episodes.

In the post, the NCIS: LA Twitter page includes a video with some of our favorite detectives…each one revealing one word that they think encapsulates the stories we can expect to see as the new season unfolds.

“It’s gonna be good…trust us,” the NCIS: LA tweet said this weekend. “See you tomorrow at 9/8c for the Season 13 premiere.”

“Surprising,” grins L.L. Cool J in the Saturday Twitter post in his description of the upcoming season.

L.L. Cool J’s costar, Medalion Rahimi seems to agree with that thought. But, for her it is a little more than simply surprising…it is “unpredictable!”

An Important Word For a Very Big ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Storyline

While L.L. Cool J and Medalion Rahimi are focusing on one aspect of the upcoming season, Eric Christian Olsen chooses a different take. The word he picks for the newest NCIS: Los Angeles season? Family.

This, of course, makes sense as Eric Christian Olsen’s character, Deeks and Kensi (Daniela Ruah), continues to discuss growing their family.

And, what better way for Daniella Ruah to encapsulate these changes than with her chosen word to describe the upcoming NCIS: Los Angeles season. The word? Reinvented.

Maybe this is her hint to fans that the NCIS: Los Angeles officer will be “reinventing” herself? Maybe into the role of “mother?”

Will Trust Be Hard For Callen Going Forward?

Chris O’Donnell’s take goes a little bit deeper, it seems. His word choice is one that could really encapsulate a little bit of each word.

“Trust is a pretty good word for season thirteen,” the actor says about the upcoming season.

Of course, trust is one word we know Chris O’Donell’s NCIS: Los Angeles character, Callen knows quite a bit about.

In fact, we know that trust is something he will need to have faith in as he continues to dig into his past…with some help from Hetty (Linda Hunt). While Hetty has been filling the NCIS: Los Angeles officer in on pieces of the past Callen is desperate to uncover, season twelve left us, and the officer, wondering how much of his past Hetty is still keeping from him.