‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: ‘Days of Our Lives’ Star Confirms Guest Appearance, Teases Subject Matter of Episode

by Matthew Memrick

A recent “NCIS: Los Angeles” guest star and “Days of Our Lives” regular dropped a hint about the subject matter of an upcoming episode.

Christopher Sean posted an Instagram photo of himself sitting in an “NCIS: Los Angeles” cast chair and tagged it with an important statement.

“That’s a wrap! Thank you @ncisla It’s been an honor. This episode means a lot to me. #Diversity #stopAsianHate what an amazing cast… can’t wait for you to see what an impactful episode they’ve created.”

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Guest Star Asks For Help In Anti-Racism Fight 

The hate against Asian Americans is a frequent subject matter in Sean’s social media postings. In March, he spoke about it on Instagram.

“We are at a crossroads,” Sean said. “If you don’t see a problem with the Anti-Asian attacks that are happening across the United States, then the media is failing you.”

Sean listed 3,800 attacks in a post the day after the Atlanta spa shootings. In that attack, police charged a 21-year-old white male in the deaths of eight people, and six of those victims were of Asian descent. 

“To stop this, we must learn from our mistakes of the past,” Sean posted. “We must spread knowledge. We must step out of our comfort zones to protect our fellow Americans.”

Sean urged Americans to use their social media and voices to speak out against racist acts. He called for Americans to research, learn and understand the country’s history. Also, he asked people to donate and support leaders who spread anti-racism messages.

Star Has Soap Opera Roots

Christopher Sean, also known as Christopher Friel, will guest star in the upcoming 13th season of “NCIS: Los Angeles.” It will premiere on October 10. 

He hoped that his “NCIS: Los Angeles” appearance would help promote diversity in the TV shows.

Sean is Asian on his mother’s side and Irish, Spanish, and German on his father’s side. Sean said he struggled early in his acting career because of his mixed ethnicity. 

He told Buzzfeed in 2015 that he was not Asian enough to play Asian roles and not white enough to play white roles. After he said he screwed up his General Hospital audition, he found gigs on shows like “Hollywood Heights,” “The Mindy Project,” and “The Lizzy Bennet Diaries.”

But many fans will recognize him from a recurring spot he had on the CBS show “Hawaii Five-O.” On it, he played Gabriel Waincroft in 2014. 

Sean told Buzzfeed that networks like NBC were starting “to open the doors of diversity.” He was excited about the opportunity to “jump into the front light and give others a role model in some way.”