‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Fans Sound Off After New Photo Shows Hetty’s Back in Person

by Suzanne Halliburton

NCIS: Los Angeles fans were delighted to see evidence of the glorious, in-studio return of Hetty Lange.

On Monday, Entertainment Tonight revealed the first official look of Linda Hunt, as Hetty, returning for season 13 of NCIS: Los Angeles.

So why the big deal? Hetty is the heart of NCIS: Los Angeles. She’s also 76. Because of the Covid 19 pandemic, Hunt needed to stay home for much of season 12. Her age made her at greater risk for a more advanced case of Covid. But she still carried on with her job. Hunt filmed all her scenes on her driveway, while on show, you saw Hetty checking in remotely from an unidentified war zone. Hetty did return to the studio for a scene in the season finale.

NCIS: Los Angeles Fans Love Photo Evidence of Hetty’s Return

Now, she’s back. And NCIS: Los Angeles fans are here for it. One fan, in reply to the ET tweet, wrote:

“Yeah, more Hetty plss. We love our lady boss !!!”

Yes, Hetty is the NCIS: Los Angeles boss. She’s can pull strings to get just about everything. She saved Callen from juvenile jail. Later, when the show revealed more of Callen’s backstory, we learn that Callen’s mother worked for the CIA and Hetty was her handler. Callen’s mother was bringing the family to the United States when she was assassinated. She was supposed to meet Hetty.

Hetty even worked a miracle by getting Deeks, who’d been laid off from the LAPD, into the NCIS academy.

The return of Hetty should be an NCIS: Los Angeles acronym. Call it ROH.

NCIS: Los Angeles fan mxltibinge tweeted: “bets that hetty is probably gonna try and ‘help’ with the kessler situation and end up making it worse.” (This is referring to a man who is stalking Kensi. Kessler received a mysterious presidential pardon and is now on the loose. He’ll probably show up somewhere in season 13.)

A user named Andi tweeted her guess at what the photo shows between Hetty and Callen.

“This is about the convo Callen had with Kilbride about what Hetty did to make Callen.” (Yes, there’s all this talk of how Hetty “groomed” Callen. Expect more of it to be a plotline in season 13.)

An NCIS: Los Angeles fan named Edyie wrote: “Can’t wait to see what this is about.” (Us, too).

Christiane Hölzel wrote: “Callen looks slightly pissed.” (Maybe Callen found something in Hetty’s office when he was searching through some of her files.)

Show Runner Said Hetty’s Season 12 Secret Mission Will Be Revealed

NCIS: Los Angeles showrunner Scott Gemmill told TVInsider that fans will know where Hetty was. Her secret mission of season 12 will be a big deal. She’ll also butt heads with Admiral Kilbride (Gerald McRaney). The show elevated McRaney to full-time cast for season 13.

Gemmill said of Hetty and Kilbride: “They’re both very smart and very stubborn, so it makes for a fun and volatile dynamic. Kilbride outranks Hetty, but he does respect her, even if he disagrees with her methodology and questions the cost of her successes.”

As for Hetty’s mission: “She’ll try to resolve that on her own,” Gemmill said. “But in the end, it will suck in the entire team—much to Kilbride’s (chagrin).”

Stay tuned. Season 13 of NCIS: Los Angeles premieres Oct. 10.