‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: Here are LL Cool J’s Favorite Type of Action Scenes

by Shelby Scott

I think many Outsiders will agree the best part of television crime shows is the scenes including fights and explosions. While the scenes are fun and exciting to watch, we’ve learned that many of the actors feel the same way. “NCIS: Los Angeles” star LL Cool J recently revealed some of his favorite scenes to film are ones like these.

During an interview with Seat42f, LL Cool J said he likes the combination of different fight/action scenes they get to film on set. “I think anything that you do too much becomes conventional, so it’s nice to see it always switching it up.”

The “NCIS: Los Angeles” star continued, “I love big explosions. I love intimate fight scenes. I love busting through windows, doors.” Who wouldn’t want to get paid to blow things up and bust through doors?

He explained that the variety of fight scenes, and plotlines overall, is important. “To make television interesting, you have to switch it up. You have to do the unexpected,” LL Cool J continued.

Variety and surprises within fan-favorite television shows lend importance to plotlines because, without scene and character variety, viewership falls. To conclude, the “NCIS: Los Angeles” actor said, “if I’m just running down the street with a gun every week with a ripped shirt, that ain’t good enough.”

Take an Inside Look at a Typical Day On ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’

While it’s super cool and exciting to be involved in the behind-the-scenes action of “NCIS: Los Angeles” explosions, fights, and so on, it doesn’t mean that all days on set are super fun and wild. During a 2013 interview, Marty Deeks actor Eric Christian Olsen shared an inside look at a typical day on set.

More than anything, set days point to early morning wake-up calls. “We usually do 60 to 70 hours a week,” he said. He further explained that the cast and crew are typically up pretty early. Since LA “is just a big traffic grid” on a daily basis, there isn’t a ton of traffic so early in the morning.

However, despite the grueling schedule, Olsen shared that “NCIS: Los Angeles” cast and crew members are “really like a family.”

On “NCIS: Los Angeles” he explained how this large group of people “shoot for 10 months out of the year, 60 to 70 hours a week.” Additionally, much like real families, he said, “You’re stuck with these people, regardless of whether you love them or not. Everybody says this, but we really did get lucky.”

Season 13 of “NCIS: Los Angeles” premieres very soon, hitting TV screens the evening of October 10th. For those of you Outsiders itching for fall, the October 10th premiere date sounds like a perfectly cozy night to wind down with a cup of coffee and take in the newest season.