‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Premiere Dedicated to Late Set Designer

by Jacklyn Krol

Who was the person that NCIS: Los Angeles paid tribute to in a title card?

A title card is the end screen following an episode where the director dedicates an episode to a person. The Season 13 premiere honored Michele Poulik.

“In loving memory of Michele Poulik, whose smile, presence, and laughter lit up every day,” the screen read.

Poulik was a set designer for the show who died on August 2, 2021. This meant that she passed away after Season 12 and before Season 13 premiered. She worked on the show for the last twelve years.

Her Facebook page noted that she has also worked for CBS and Paramount Television Studios. She studied Fine Arts at Wayne State Univerity and resided in Los Angeles, California.

Set Decorators released an obituary for the Emmy-nominated set decorator. It revealed that she passed away at her home in Los Angeles surrounded by her family and puppies.

“Michele ended her long battle with cancer surrounded by Janet (her sister), friends, and her beloved dogs, Daisy and LuLa,” it reads.

Poulik was born in Toronto, Canada before being raised in Detroit, Michigan. She then went to high school in Madrid, Spain before returning stateside. She was an avid traveler and a joy to be around.

Aside from NCIS: Los Angeles, Poulik is known for her work on Stargate, Darkman, and Hard Target.

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Frienship to Stand the Test of Time

LL Cool J [real name Todd] and Chris O’Donnell met on the set of NCIS: Los Angeles. At first, they didn’t know how close that they would eventually become. They bonded over their similar family lives and their same job. O’Donnell previously compared their relationship to a married couple. They’ve gotten to know each other so well that they can tell what the other person is feeling or what mood they’re in simply by looking at each other.

O’Donnell spoke to Entertainment Tonight Canada about their friendship which turned into family.

“You know, the same way you would pick on your sibling and drive each other crazy? I mean, it’s similar to the relationship Todd and I, LL and I, have in real life,” he shared. “I mean, he’s someone I have great respect for, and there’s a mutual admiration. But we also love to, you know, just torture each other… and constantly, uh you know, drive each other crazy.”

When they’re not hard at work, they’re ragging on each other, just like real-life brothers would.

“When you spend that much time together on set, you know you tend to get bored once in a while,” he continued. “And all that’s left is to just pick on each other. It’s only so long you can sit and stare at you know TikTok and Instagram on your phone.”