‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Alum Renee Felice Smith Updates Fans on Illness in Artistic Selfie

by Anna Dunn

Former NCIS: Los Angeles actress Renee Felice Smith just updated fans on her head cold in an Instagram post. The actress played Nell on the NCIS spinoff series from 2010 up until this year, when she left the show after season 12 to pursue other projects.

Getting a head cold isn’t in anyone’s plans, though. But the actress is handling it in style.

“pulled back out. have head cold. find joy where you can,” she wrote in the caption. The actress was recently having much more fun-looking days, posting a picture on the back of a motorcycle with her boyfriend in Brooklyn.

When Smith first joined NCIS: Los Angeles, she wasn’t supposed to be a part of the main cast. First appearing in season 2, episode 4, Penelope “Nell” Jones quickly stole the hearts of fans and Smith got added to the main cast.

Nell served the role of the NCIS Intelligence Analyst on the show. The character was incredibly smart and was fluent in multiple languages, but Smith decided to leave the role of Nell behind to pursue other creative work. Thankfully, Nell left the show in one piece after a relatively wholesome season 12 finale. Nell and Eric, played by Barrett Foa, left the team to move to Tokyo and pursue their dreams.

“The door always remains open for Nell at NCIS, but it may be time for her to be pushed out of the nest a bit and see where this new opportunity takes her,” Smith told TV Insider.

But next year, it looks like NCIS: Los Angeles will shake things up a bit with the cast, but come back with the same action-packed stories. And aside from Foa and Smith, all major cast members, including Linda Hunt, are returning. If you want to catch season 13 of the drama, it airs on Sunday, October 10th on CBS. NCIS and NCIS: Hawai’i airs a bit earlier in the fall on September 20th.

The Actress Left ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ To Pursue Creative Fufillment

Nell’s departure on NCIS: Los Angeles is quite similar to Renee Felice Smith’s real-life exit.

Smith is using the time to spread her wings. She’s not only an actress but a writer and director. Smith recently wrote a children’s book called Hugo and The Impossible Thing about a dog’s battle against impossible odds. It’s based on her own dog’s cancer battle.

Kirkus Reviews wrote that it’s, “the perfect story for goal-oriented readers (as well as those who need the occasional nudge).”

On top of being an author, Smith also directed and starred in her own film, The Relationtrip. Now, it seems the sky is the limit, at least once she gets through this cold.