‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Star LL Cool J Masks Up in New Selfie Post

by Joe Rutland

“NCIS: Los Angeles” star and rapper LL Cool J has been sharing numerous pictures of himself masked up on his Instagram account.

LL Cool J continued that pattern in this lastest selfie which he shared with his thousands of followers. Take a look at what he posted on Monday.

There were no words associated with the photo. One might presume none are necessary as LL Cool J gets ready for a new season of “NCIS: Los Angeles.”

Once again, he will team up with Chris O’Donnell to battle against the forces of evil where they show up. The show will start its 13th season on CBS this fall.

O’Donnell’s Callen and LL Cool J’s Sam Hanna will keep dealing with crime as it shows up around the City of Angels.

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Stars Talked About Their On-Screen Chemistry

O’Donnell and LL Cool J also have discussed how they perfected on-screen chemistry. They appear to work well together.

In a 2011 interview with Daily Actor, O’Donnell talked about how he and LL Cool J relate.

“We, in general, Todd (LL Cool J) and I have a lot of fun with each other,” O’Donnell said. “We BS with each other and give each other a hard time but at the same time, there’s a real mutual respect.”

O’Donnell said that both actors came from different upbringings and cities “but we both have been in this business a long time.”

“And [we] have an appreciation for hard work and knowing when we’ve got to work and when we can have fun,” O’Donnell said. “[We] both have big families and, I don’t know, I think we just, we like to give each other a hard time, and there’s something about that kind of rubs off on the characters.”

Actors Talk About How Callen’s Backstory Developed On Show

In the same interview, O’Donnell spoke about how Callen’s backstory came naturally on “NCIS: Los Angeles.” Surprisingly, he never coordinated with LL Cool J to sync Sam and Callen’s lives. The two characters are so in sync it comes as somewhat of a surprise.

“We just kind of launched into this thing,” O’Donnell said. “I think that the writers know how we get along on the set and how we needle each other and I’m sure they observe that.”

O’Donnell said when shows continue for a lot of seasons, show creators get an edge. They’re able to tell stories with such precision thanks to their working relationship with the stars.

“The writers, they get very familiar with what we’re going on for in the characters, they get more familiar with us and they are able to incorporate things,” he said.