‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Star Reveals Why Characters Don’t Wear Masks on Show, Need for ‘Comfort Food’ in TV

by Shelby Scott

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a lot of social unrest since first rooting here in the United States and internationally. As a way to cope, popular TV shows such as “NCIS: Los Angeles” have used two methods for getting by. They either found ways to work the virus into their new episodes and made things more relatable. Or, they simply draw attention away from the pandemic as a kind of distraction.

According to “NCIS: Los Angeles” star, Daniela Ruah, her show acts as “comfort food” in the form of TV. During season 12, the actors don’t wear masks while on-screen. And, despite the controversy inherent in the topic, she has a good point as to why.

In an article by The Herald News, Ruah said, “The series takes place in the post-pandemic — because we realized we are like comfort food.”

Although it may seem like a silly comparison, it makes sense for the most part. That’s because the media is consistently updating the country and the world on new goings-on surrounding the coronavirus. Currently, people worldwide are worried again due to the Delta variant of the virus which people seem to be just as susceptible to.

Despite the constant fear and worry plaguing news sources and therefore people internationally, Ruah said, “If someone wants to disconnect himself from the world and see something entertaining, they don’t want to [disconnect from the news] and then watch fictional characters wearing masks and dealing with the pandemic on TV.” And to be quite honest, she does have a point.

So What Exactly Makes ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ ‘Comfort Food?’

So, when Ruah compares “NCIS: Los Angeles” to comfort food, one of her main suggestions is that people can unwind the worry of the day when they sit to watch her show. “[‘NCIS: Los Angeles’] is comfort food because the good ones always win in the end,” she said.

And that is probably the most likely reason that “the good guys always win” in crime shows like these. Truthfully, real people spend so much of their time struggling, worrying, and fighting through each day. So when they can sit down and actually watch things play out in a favorable way, viewers receive a sense of calm or peace momentarily.

This particular reason has definitely been the case for the majority of modern TV crimes and dramas. However, here in 2021, it’s even more prevalent now. Between the unrest caused by drastic social, political, and economic shifts throughout the pandemic, now more than ever are people looking for a distraction.

Ruah confirmed that point. She clarified with, “Inside the hurricane that is normal life, we bring comfort by saying: ‘The good guys will win in the end, don’t worry.'”

So when the “NCIS: Los Angeles” season 13 premieres, we know we can depend on Ruah and her cast members to provide us a sense of normalcy.