‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Team Go After Terrorists in New Video

by Megan Molseed

NCIS: Los Angeles fans have been waiting for this moment since the CBS series’s season finale last spring.

The story finally continues tonight, and, NCIS: Los Angeles has given us a sneak peek at what fans can expect when some of our favorite NCIS officers return to CBS during tonight’s long-awaited premiere.

“The story continues,” notes a recent Instagram post along with a video of the NCIS: Los Angeles team doing what they do best..tracking terrorists and solving mysteries.

The Insta clip, which is just over one minute long, shows members of the team watching a video of what looks like two regular citizens arguing outside of a grocery store. The video soon turns violent, much to the surprise of the team.

“When did soccer moms get so vicious?” asks officer Sam Hannah (L.L. Cool J) as he watches the two women attack each other on the cell phone video of the incident.

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Sees The Return Of Some Big Storylines In Season Thirteen

But, soon, we learn that there is much more importance to the clip than just the fact two women are fighting in the store’s parking lot.

“Why are we watching this Fatima?” G Callen (Chris O’Donnell) asks NCIS: Los Angeles agent Fatima Namazi in the Insta sneak peek.

“Wait for it,” responds Namazi as she zooms in on the video, on which an identification card also pops up.

The reveal? One of the women is a Russian agent, Zasha Gagarin. As the video continues, the NCIS: Los Angeles team sees that Gagarin is taken by former CIA agent, Joelle Taylor.

An Old Character Returns…Looking For Revenge

While fans of the show are still waiting for tonight’s premiere, G Callen gives us a hint as to what’s going on in this sneak peek scene.

“She’s desperate,” the agent says of Joelle Taylor and her broad daylight attack on Gagarin.

“For what?” asks agent Namazi.

“Revenge,” Callen responds, just before the video fades out.

As the NCIS: Los Angeles thirteenth season prepares to get underway, the cast of the hit series have been excited to share what they can with their fans.

The premiere episode will air tonight, Sunday, October 10 on CBS.

The show will also be available on-demand following the premiere on CBS All Access, and Paramamount Plus.

When the NCIS: Los Angeles team left us at the end of season twelve, fans said goodbye to two of the show’s core characters, Barrett Foa (Eric Beale) and Renee Felice Smith (Nell Jones) as the two took off to Tokyo where Barrett was launching his own tech-firm.

While the series has said goodbye to Barrett and Renee, season thirteen still holds quite a bit of excitement.

One of the biggest plot-lines fans are hoping to get more information on is regarding the hidden past of Callen (O’Donnell).

The NCIS: Los Angeles agent still believes that Linda Hunt’s Hetty is keeping secrets from him about his past. Is this the season that the full truth will finally be revealed?