‘NCIS’: Michael Weatherly Drops Behind-the-Scenes Pic Ready for His Close-Up

by Megan Molseed

Former “NCIS” star Michael Weatherly has named the camera as “King” in a recent Twitter post. The actor should know this since he has been a part of the television scene for quite some time. And, in the fun Twitter photo, the actor showed that he is ready for his close-up as he gives the set camera a humorous pose.

“#NCIS Camera is King,” the star joked in the photo. The picture shows the actor smiling, or maybe laughing while looking into the camera during a shoot. It’s clear the longtime actor is comfortable right there, in front of the lense.

Michael Weatherly’s Tony DiNozzo served as a special agent for the “NCIS” team. DiNozzo served as one of the Senior Agents for the Major Case Response Team on the hit CBS show during the first few years. Weatherly eventually left “NCIS” when his character moved away to reconnect with his love, and former agent Ziva David. Shortly before his exit, “NCIS” fans learned that Ziva and Tony DiNozzo have a daughter, Talia together. The agent left the team in the show’s twelfth season in order to join Ziva and Talia in London.

DiNozzo Is An “NCIS” Favorite

Tony DiNozzo was a regular fan-favorite on “NCIS.” A charming ladies man, DiNozzo had a mysterious aura about him during his tenure as the right-hand man to Leroy Jethro Gibbs on “NCIS.” He was always on, a little cocky, and completely lovable.

Fans have been calling for Tony DiNozzo to make a return to the popular series. Even if it’s in a guest-starring role. The actor has even hinted that he may return as a guest star in one of the “NCIS” spin-offs such as “NCIS: Hawaii.”

While fans wait to see Tony DiNozzo return to the “NCIS” team, even if it’s just a brief appearance, Weatherly hasn’t left his fans without their fix. The star is currently gearing up for a new season of the hit show “Bull.”

Michael Weatherly took on the role of Jason Bull in 2016 not long after his exit from “NCIS.” In this new role, Weatherly plays Doctor Jason Bull, a trial consultant. Loosely based on the real-life experiences of famous television Dr. Phil, “Bull” follow’s the doctor’s experiences working as a consultant in some pretty wild cases.

Jason Bull owns and operates his own consulting firm Trial Analysis Corporation (TAC). Dr. Jason Bull was drawn to his career as a trial consultant due to his dislike of lawyers. He had dreamed of becoming a lawyer for much of his childhood, however, Jason Bull failed the bar exam multiple times, making that dream an impossible one.

The hit CBS television series has been renewed for its sixth season set to air this fall. “NCIS” will be returning this fall as well. This year will mark the long-running drama’s nineteenth season.