NCIS: New Orleans Ending After 7 Seasons on CBS

by Suzanne Halliburton

NCIS: New Orleans is closing shop. On Wednesday, CBS announced the cancellation of one its franchise shows.

NCIS: New Orleans was the newest of the three shows in the franchise. But while New Orleans is ending, NCIS: Hawaii could be coming soon.

The New Orleans series finale is May 16. The show’s executive producers issued a statement, saying:

“It has been our sincere pleasure and honor to work on this show and with this incredible cast and crew for over 150 episodes. As disappointed as we are to see NOLA end, we couldn’t be prouder of the work we’ve done and are grateful to the spectacular and resilient Crescent City that embraced us for seven wonderful years.”

Other NCIS Shows Are In Los Angeles and D.C.

NCIS stands for Naval Criminal Investigative Service. All the shows follow a popular, crime-solving format. The other NCIS shows are set in Washington, D.C, and Los Angeles. The original NCIS show premiered in 2003 as a spinoff of JAG.

Scott Bakula starred in NCIS: New Orleans. He also served as an executive producer on the show.

“Sad to end our love affair with this phenomenal city but so grateful for all the friends we made along the way,” Bakula said. “I will miss the music. Big thank you to CBS for seven years.”

The city of New Orleans was a vibrant part of the show’s plotlines. Kelly Kahl, president of CBS Entertainment, lauded New Orleans when she talked about the show.

“From the start, NCIS: New Orleans was able to distinguish itself with its New Orleans authenticity,” Kahl said. “From the colors and music to the vibrancy and stories you can only find in the Big Easy. Thanks to the amazing talents of the producers, writers, cast and crew, ‘NOLA’ has played a key role on our schedule.

“We’re pleased to give it a big sendoff and that viewers will have the opportunity to say goodbye to their favorite characters as the final season wraps.”

Original Show May Be Ending Soon

There are rumors afloat that the original NCIS is nearing an end, too. Mark Harmon, who plays Leroy Jethro Gibbs, is the show’s long-time star, but his contract ends soon. Sources told the Hollywood Reporter that Harmon could return for a handful of episodes of NCIS next season so the show could continue. It’s CBS’s longest-running show. Its average of 15 million viewers also makes it the most-watched drama on network television. The show also is syndicated in more than 200 countries.

The Hollywood Reporter also reports that NCIS: Los Angeles also is waiting word on whether it’ll receive the green light for another season. Hawaii already is in the works.

CBS also announced its ending Mom, its long-time, award-winning comedy. Anna Faris, one of the series’ original stars, left the show in September. The show was about the dysfunctional relationship between a mother and daughter. Both dealt with addiction issues, from alcohol to prescription drugs to gambling. The last episode is May 6.