‘NCIS’: Theory May Finally Explain Tony DiNozzo’s Weirdest Undercover Mission

by Joe Rutland

NCIS fans are always trying to figure out why certain agents got missions. For instance, there’s chatter around one mission for Tony DiNozzo.

DiNozzo, who was played by Michael Weatherly, was sent out on an undercover mission. Why was it so weird? Leave it to a Reddit thread to try and make sense out of the NCIS plot.

As highlighted in an article on Looper, Redditor u/Napoleon1603 noted that some early seasons of the CBS crime drama had Director Jenny Shepard [Lauren Holly] on her long-running mission. It was around apprehending a French arms dealer named René Benoit [Armand Assante], known as “La Grenouille” (The Frog) in certain circles.

‘NCIS’ Fan Thinks DiNozzo Was Possibly Marrying Into Criminal’s Family

Anyway, the Redditor didn’t get why DiNozzo went undercover in the NCIS storyline. The first thought was that his goal was around getting more info on Benoit. DiNozzo possibly could marry into the family business through his relationship “La Grenouille”‘s daughter, Dr. Jeanne Benoit. But wait, there’s more.

A third theory from the Redditor was “Tony’s mission was to [lure] René out of hiding. Meaning that he was going to stick around Jeanne in the hopes that René will eventually show up and he could arrest him.” But Benoit’s arrest was never on the table. It gets revealed that Shepard knows he’s under CIA protection and there isn’t a warrant out for him. “René couldn’t have been arrested by Tony at any point in his undercover operation, because number one there was no active warrant.”

Still, most NCIS fans think DiNozzo’s undercover mission had the aim of bringing in “The Frog” once and for all, at least at first.

Others Believed Jenny’s Knowledge About CIA Protection Happened Later

Responses to the original post pretty much agree that DiNozzo’s undercover assignment started out aiming to arrest Benoit. They think that Jenny’s knowledge about the CIA protection happened later.

As u/Napoleon1603 wrote in response, “Yeah I agree with you 100%.” Another Redditor, u/azulamazing, wrote, “I think your third theory is probably the closest, and I don’t think Jenny knew he was under CIA protection until that night.”

NCIS fan u/GuidoBenzo wrote, “My guess [is] it’s a mix of your first and third theory. When they started they probably knew that Jeanne and her father weren’t close, but still thought that was their best chance. He was in hiding and I think they didn’t know about the CIA protection at that time.”

Getting beyond the different theories fans have, though, isn’t too hard. After all, another season of NCIS starts this fall as Mark Harmon and David McCallum return in familiar roles. But this season, the show will air on Monday nights at 9 p.m. Eastern, 8 p.m. Central. It will provide a strong lead-in for “NCIS: Hawai’i,” a new spinoff starring Vanessa Lachey.