‘NCIS’: There’s a Whole Line of Fan Collectibles You’ve Probably Never Seen

by Chase Thomas

Who doesn’t love collectibles, Outsiders? Even better, who isn’t into the idea of NCIS collectibles? If that includes you, you might be surprised to find out that there are NCIS collectibles out there.

NCIS trading cards? Yes, they’re a thing and they’re both rare and super cool. You have to look closely, though, as a Reddit superfan shared their trading card. The card the user from the thread has an Abby card. However, to prove that it’s authentic there is proof of authenticity located on the back of the card along with a piece of her actual lab coat embedded on the card.

Fans can purchase other trading cards from different characters where the same rules apply. While rare, NCIS trading cards are very cool.

‘NCIS’ Trading Card Craze and Pokemon

Collectibles can be a valuable commodity. It is not just NCIS that has fans excited about trading cards. What is similar about these cards and Pokemon cards is that both are in high demand as trading cards have become a popular topic these days. Some Pokemon cards are selling for over six figures.

The craze is real, folks. It even involves celebrities like Logic, Logan Paul and DJ Steve Aoki who Jared Mast said, “They’ve been in this a little bit longer than you would think – it just wasn’t that cool,”

He continued when talking about the rise of this sensation, “They were even doing it before they were really showing it off. And then when they started to show it off, they realised how many people enjoy it and how cool it is to most people. That’s really what made it explode. It wasn’t the fact that they just started – they actually were in it a little bit longer than people have known – it’s just that it started to go viral.”

Pokemon cards are selling for lots of money and that trend does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon. But what is it about these cards especially? Mast said, “It’s just more about how much people enjoy these characters or these games, like Magic versus Pokémon. Magic is a game that people enjoy. Pokémon cards, they more so enjoy the cards. It’s not really about the game. A lot of people love the game, but it’s more the cards are collectible where Magic on the other side is so, so table-driven – a lot of people who play it are the collectors and there’s really no in-between. Where in Pokémon a lot of the people that are collectors don’t play the game.”

Like NCIS, folks just enjoy collecting the rare trading cards. There is something fun for folks to go on the hunt for the rarest of cards.