‘NCIS’ Trailer for Season 19’s Episode 2 Shows Gibbs Back in the Field, Team Hunting Someone

by Anna Dunn

The new NCIS season 19 trailer shows Gibbs back with the team as they chase down someone who seems to simply vanish. After an intense scene where Jessica Knight chases the guy down, he disappears. When Agent Torres asks her what happened, she admits he just vanished.

“Not only is this guy a lunatic..,” she began.

“..He’s a ghost,” Torres said. Wilmer Valderrama posted it on social media, and it certainly makes the next episode look like one to tune into.

It’ll be an intense episode. The team will finally fully work with Gibbs, though Vance hasn’t reinstated him as an NCIS agent. With the serial killer on the loose, there’s no time to waste. It looks like whoever they’re chasing, however, can get away quickly.

The season premiere found the team re-uniting with Gibbs after he barely survived that boat explosion. The premiere found Gibbs in bad shape, impaled by a broken-off piece of the boat and bleeding out from his side. Thankfully, he was mysteriously saved.

In a great moment, McGee called out Gibbs for not being there for the team, and told him to come back on. Now, the whole team is on board as they hunt down a serial killer. It’s hard to say how many episodes Mark Harmon will be in this year as Gibbs.

Rumor had it that Harmon didn’t want to be on the show anymore, but agreed to stay on for a handful of episodes this season. However, right now, the episodes seem to feature plenty of Gibbs. It also might look like Vance will try to get Gibbs to come back to NCIS for good after Gibbs’ suspension.

Next Week’s Episode Will introduce ‘NCIS’ Fans to a New Regular

Katrina Law has already joined the cast as Jessica Knight in the premiere, but there’s one other new character joining the scene. Gary Cole will Join the cast as Special Agent Alden park. Episode 2, called “Nearly Departed” follows the team tracking down the killer. They soon figure out that they aren’t the only person on the case. This could likely be Alden Park.

Gary Cole is a pretty big name, and many NCIS fans are interested to see what he’ll bring to the cast. The details of his character have been kept pretty hush-hush, so there’s really not much to go on yet. Cole has been in multiple comedic films such as Office Space but he’s also had more dramatic roles in shows such as The Good Wife, and The Good Fight.

You can catch the next episode of NCIS next Monday at 9/8 central. Right after that, you can also watch the next episode of NCIS: Hawai’i, which premiered earlier this week.