‘NCIS’: Which Character Had the Saddest Sendoff?

by Joe Rutland

“NCIS” has had a number of characters come and go for a myriad of reasons on CBS. Yet which one was the saddest?

Well, according to an article on TVLand, the No. 1 departure that was saddest revolved around Special Agent Tony DiNozzo. DiNozzo, obviously, was played by Michael Weatherly, who has gone on to star in “Bull.”

In the season finale, DiNozzo told Jethro Gibbs [Mark Harmon] about his decision to leave. It all revolved around hearing that his love Ziva David [Cote de Pablo] had died in the David farmhouse being bombed in Israel. DiNozzo was headed to the airport, but two of his fellow “NCIS” team members caught up with him and let him know Ziva had died.

Once DiNozzo met Tali, Ziva’s two-year-old daughter, he changed.

‘NCIS’ Star’s Exit Revolved Around Taking Care of Ziva’s Daughter Tali

He told Gibbs that his responsibilities now lie with taking care of Tali. Well, “NCIS” fans saw Weatherly leave the show at that time.

Later on, the CBS crime show revealed that Ziva was alive and DiNozzo confirmed that while not being on the show anymore.

The emotional tug-of-war that went on inside DiNozzo at the time, along with the show’s fans, made the exit DiNozzo [and Weatherly] probably the most emotional of the series.

“NCIS” continues to roll along, though, into its 19th season on CBS. It will be on Monday nights as a lead-in to another “NCIS” spin-off, “NCIS: Hawai’i,” that’ll star Vanessa Lachey in the lead role. For old-school “NCIS” fans wandering about Harmon’s appearances on the show this upcoming season, Gibbs will be around.

Show’s Fans Are Wondering if Weatherly Is Returning To Show

As we mentioned earlier, Michael Weatherly is quite busy with his own show “Bull” on CBS. Recently, though, he happened to share a cryptic photo online that puts “NCIS” fans on alert.

Is Weatherly returning to play DiNozzo again on the popular show?

The photo on Twitter has a caption with it “#ncis Camera is King” that Weatherly wrote that along with the picture.

It goes without saying that fans would love to see DiNozzo appear again as part of the team. But Weatherly already has commitments to another show. There probably is not enough time in his schedule to do both shows.

Could he make a guest appearance on “NCIS” this season? That’s always a possibility because it would be considered a one-off appearance. Weatherly remains one of the most beloved characters to appear as a cast member. Plus, his episodes are in TV rerun heaven these days and fans can catch up with shows they might have missed.

So, Outsiders that are fans of the popular CBS show, take the words “stay tuned” to heart. You never know if DiNozzo will pop up again.