‘NCIS’: Why Fans Feel ‘Disloyal’ Continuing Series Without Characters Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David

by Katie Maloney

“NCIS” fans are the real deal. In fact, they are willing to give up one of their favorite shows entirely in the name of staying loyal to two characters: Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David. Actor Michael Weatherly, who played DiNozzo on “NCIS” starred on the show for 13 seasons until he left in 2016. Fans were devastated about his departure. But, by that time, they had already lost another of their favorite characters: Ziva David. David, played by Cote de Pablo, left the show after seven years during season ten. But fans never forgot about Ziva. So much so, “NCIS” brought Pablo back to reprise her role on the show.

New fans of the show, who are just now starting to watch all the seasons, were incredibly excited to hear about Ziva’s return. But they question whether or not they want to watch the seasons without Tony or Ziva. During a recent Reddit thread, fans talked about their loyalty to the characters.

Some Fans Don’t Want To Watch ‘NCIS’ Seasons Without Tony Or Ziva

One fan wrote, “For some reason, I felt it’ll be disloyal if I continued ‘NCIS’ after Tony and Ziva left, I just can’t do it.”

Another fan wrote, “Honestly I felt the same way but the Tony/Ziva/Tali storyline continues throughout the show in the later seasons. And honestly, I just watched 14 and 15 because I heard that there was mention of Ziva in an episode of 16. It might be worth it to go a little farther but they literally had to bring in three people to replace Tony, and it gets really messy.”

However, another loyal “NCIS” fan urged the new fans to keep watching the seasons, even without Tony and Ziva. They said that the new characters were just as enjoyable as the original fan-favorite couple.

“You should keep watching, the new characters are actually really likable and the dynamic of the show doesn’t really change that much,” they said. “It’s still good old ‘NCIS’, just with some new faces.”

Some Fans Think ‘Loyalty’ To ‘Fictional Characters’ Is Useless

Another fan disputed the entire concept of character loyalty. They said that not watching a show because a character left doesn’t make sense to them.

“To me, ceasing to watch a TV show purely because of a “loyalty” attachment to specific characters is a kin to quitting your job because that one amazing colleague retired,” they wrote. “If you genuinely don’t like the show overall after certain characters left, that’s fine. But ceasing to watch solely because of some misguided sense of loyalty to fictional characters is just bizarre to me.”

One fan has a strategy that could appease both sides of the argument.

They wrote, “I felt like that when it happened, too. I took a break from watching, then picked it up, and it felt less like a betrayal.”