‘NCIS’: Wilmer Valderrama Flashes a Sign to Fans, Shares Thoughts in Up-Close Workout Pic

by Chris Haney

On Monday, NCIS star Wilmer Valderrama shared another photo of himself on social media flashing his signature hand gesture as a shoutout to his fans.

The former That ’70s Show actor hit the gym earlier today and snapped a selfie while he was at it. Valderrama shared the photo of himself flashing his trademark hand signal to his fans, which he calls “a call to the wolf pack.”

Valderrama tries to workout for one hour a day, and does his best to stick to that daily routine. In addition to the selfie, he wrote some inspiring words for his fans to consider. He touches on the relationship between failure and success, and told his fans not to let the fear of failure hold them back from striving to meet their goals.

“#MyHourADay,” the NCIS actor began his Instagram post. “There is a place that lives between doubt and [belief] where you are given the choice to make a left or the right.. to own what you love and make it obtainable or give it all up for fear of not being ready to fail.. seems like at times success is scarier, trust me.. when you’re ready, success will only be a confirmation that you made the right choice.. it will be moments and memories of fearlessness. And your fails the gifts that made you wise enough to hold your achievements with pride and content.”

‘NCIS’ Star Explains Hand Gesture He Uses as a Shoutout to His Fans

Two years ago, the NCIS actor revealed details about the specific hand gesture he makes on social media often. Wilmer Valderrama can frequently be seen making the hand sign in photographs as a shoutout to his fans.

In a 2019 conversation with Men’s Health, he responded to comments and questions from social media users. The actor has garnered a significant following online since his time on That ’70s Show in the early 2000s. Valderrama has since branched out from his comedic foreign exchange student role. In fact, he went on to act in multiple films and television shows before finding a home amongst the NCIS cast.

A fan who clearly pays attention to the actor’s social media feed posted a question about his hand gesture. Valderrama has 1.8 million Instagram followers, and at times he can be seen making the sign with his hands.

“What’s with that hand gesture?!!!?” the fan asked Valderrama.

“You wouldn’t understand,” the NCIS star joked before expanding on his answer.

“So the gesture is, it’s a call to the wolf pack,” Valderrama explained to Men’s Health. “Since I was really young, I’ve loved wolves. And all my fans call themselves the Wolfettes. So this (makes gesture) is a shoutout to my fans. So if you know, you know.”