Neil Diamond Hosts Global ‘Sweet Caroline’ Singing to Promote Unity

by Josh Lanier

Neil Diamond wants to inspire people to come together after a year of division and struggle. And he’s using his most powerful weapon for unity, the 1969 jukebox classic Sweet Caroline.

If there is a song that could unite disparate nations it would be Sweet Caroline. Anyone who’s been in a bar or at a baseball game when the song comes on knows that it’s practically impossible not to join in on the singalong.

Diamond recently released a music video that features thousands of people singing the hit song.

“2020 has been a tough year for everyone, so we wanted to bring people together the best way we knew how: Through music. To inspire people to come together, we challenged fans all around the world to sing along to Sweet Caroline,” a statement at the beginning of the video says.

Diamond asked fans to submit videos of themselves singing the song to his website. They pieced together the video from those submissions. It includes young and old people of every race from a number of countries.

Neil Diamond Has Used ‘Sweet Caroline’ to do Good Before

This isn’t the first time Diamond has used the song as a rallying point, Fox News reported. Earlier this year, he released a new version of the song to better fit life in quarantine from coronavirus.

“Hi everybody. This is Neil Diamond, and I know we’re going through a rough time right now. But I love ya, and I think if we all sing together, well, we’ll feel just a little bit better. Give it a try, OK?” Diamond said, according to Fox News.

His updated lyrics focus on best practices to avoid transmitting COVID-19.

“Hands… washing hands… reaching out… don’t touch me… I won’t touch you,” Diamond sings on the updated bridge.

Diamond recently released Neil Diamond with the London Symphony Orchestra. The 14-track album includes recreations of some of his biggest hits performed with the world-famous orchestra. The album includes I Am… I Said, Song Sung Blue, America, You Don’t Bring Me Flowers, Love on the Rocks, and Sweet Caroline.