New Dwayne Johnson Movie Soars to the Top of Netflix Charts

by Matthew Memrick

The new Dwayne Johnson movie has soared to the top of the Netflix charts, but do you smell the Rock cooking up a sequel yet?

There’s no secret that the film, co-starring Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot, is the streaming service’s most expensive film. PopCulture reported that the movie topped worldwide streaming charts, and set a new opening day record for Netflix in its debut last week.

Johnson, whose production company helped put “Red Notice” together, stars as a top FBI profiler. He plays John Hartley, a man stuck with two rival criminals in Nolan Booth (Reynolds) and Sarah Black (Gadot). Writer-director Rawson Marshall Thurber put together the movie.

‘Red Notice’ a Big Haul for Some Stars

According to IMDb, the starring trio will make $20 million each. That accounts for a good chunk of the $300 million budget, but the movie’s rave reviews can justify it so far.

The story behind the film’s title comes from the global police agency Interpol and its “red notice” actions to track down the world’s most-wanted criminals.

Months-long hype surrounding the Dwayne Johnson movie has worked well for “Red Notice.” Also, it can’t hurt when you have three of the world’s top movie stars. After it debuted at the top of Netflix’s streaming charts, it held the top spot on Top 10 movies and Top 10 overall titles on the streaming service.

Beyond that, movie watcher Flix Patrol listed the film as the No. 1 movie globally on Netflix and the top Netflix film in many countries worldwide. According to news reports, the streaming service has more than 209 million users.

As for actual streams of the hit, Netflix has not reported any numbers. Reynolds took to Twitter over the weekend to say “Red Notice” was the biggest opening day ever for a Netflix film.

Dwayne Johnson ‘Red Notice’ Sequel in the Works?

We hope so, but one producer says it might be early to make that decision.

Producer and Dwayne Johnson’s ex-wife Dany Garcia has a wait-and-see approach for “Red Notice.” 

She told online magazine Variety that “I think there is… with Seven Bucks Productions, it’s almost like ‘franchise’ is just part of our conversation. But we’re also smart enough to say, ‘Let’s see how everything goes.'” 

Reynolds Has Fun With ‘Red Notice’ in Wales

Star and soccer team owner Ryan Reynolds had some fun with his adopted country of Wales, according to the website He co-owns the Wrexham soccer team with fellow actor and business partner Rob McElhenney. McElhenney has starred on the FX show “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.”

The star, in his usual genuine wit, made Netflix show Welsh subtitles with the movie. Reynolds also put together a movie trailer, showing off his soccer team city’s residents while supporting the team.

A documentary about the soccer club called “Welcome to Wrexham” will premiere next year on FX.