Nicolas Cage Thought Horse in New Film Was Trying to Kill Him

by Michael Freeman

Nicolas Cage has quite the resume regarding movie appearances, meaning he’s had a lot of co-stars throughout the years. One of his latest though doesn’t seem to be a big fan of his. Cage said while shooting his newest movie he’s convinced his horse repeatedly tried to kill him.

Appearing a few days ago on The Hollywood Reporter’s Actor Roundtable, Nicolas Cage appeared with Peter Dinklage, Andrew Garfield, Jonathan Majors, and Simon Rex. The actors discussed a number of topics, many of which were roles current and old. Cage reflected on his experience with his newest movie Butcher’s Crossing and talked about his horse named Rain Man. We’ve heard of co-stars having disagreements and butting heads, but Cage thought the steed wanted him dead.

“I was in Blackfoot Country. Rain Man kept trying to knock me off and would try to run my head into roofs, and then I’d get off and try to be nice to him, and he would headbutt me. It was not fun,” Cage stated. “I’ve always had good experiences with animals. I always had great experiences with horses, but Rain Man wanted to kill me.”

It got to the point where Cage nearly refused to mount Rain Main because he feared for his life. After the crew convinced him to ride Rain Man one last time for the final stretch of the movie, the horse gave him a parting gift. “So I got on the horse and literally, again, he kept trying to throw me off. I was like, ‘That’s it. That was my last shot, and you had to make it almost like a stunt. You did make it a stunt. You almost killed me on my last shot in the movie.’ As you can tell, I’ve got post-traumatic stress disorder from Rain Man.”

Nicolas Cage Begged His Uncle to Appear in ‘Godfather: Part III’ and was Told it ‘Wasn’t Going to Happen’

Rain Man gave Nicholas Cage trouble lately, but he wasn’t the only one trying to stifle Cage’s movie career. According to Cage, he begged his uncle to appear in Godfather: Part III, but was quickly told it “wasn’t going to happen.”

In the same interview, the actors were asked about a movie they’d love to make but didn’t think anyone would allow them to do it. Nicolas Cage spoke up with an answer, albeit not one he liked to talk about.

“This is a very embarrassing answer to your question,” Nicolas Cage admitted. “Because it involves family. So, Uncle [Coppola] was doing Godfather III, and I said, ‘I really think I ought to be in your movie, Uncle. I really think it’s a good idea if you would cast me. I think I could play this part.;”

Though Cage thought he was perfect for the part, his uncle disagreed, quickly telling him it “just wasn’t going to happen. Nope, not going to happen.”

I don’t know if that or the treatment from Rain Man is rougher.