On This Day: Roy Orbison Appears on ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ in 1981, Gets Kiss From Daisy Duke

by John Jamison

“Boss Hogg’s celebrity speed trap snagged another one,” narrates Waylon Jennings as Roy Orbison begins to play. He launches into “Oh, Pretty Woman” with Daisy Duke seated beside him.

The episode aired on March 27, 1981. Titled “The Great Hazzard Hijack,” it featured Orbison in the kind of guest appearance that became a regular fixture on the “Dukes on Hazzard.”

The legendary artist was brought in to play himself and deliver a musical performance. According to IMDb, the episode saw Bo and Luke Duke fish some stolen bills out of the river. Naturally, they wind up in trouble.

Before everything is said and done, Roy Orbison, the most recent victim of Boss Hogg’s celebrity speed trap, is pressed into paying off his fine by performing for the crowd at the bar. Seated on a stool with an acoustic guitar in his lap, Orbison and his sunglasses play his monster hit, “Oh, Pretty Woman.” The song is complete with a dancing Boss Hogg and a delighted Daisy Duke.

Roy Orbison Gets Rewarded

As Roy finishes up his performance, the crowd erupts into a standing ovation. In all the excitement, Daisy Duke pulls him over and plants a big kiss on him. It seems a pretty fitting end to the song, considering the subject matter.

The Duke boys, not willing to pass up the opportunity, offer to buy Orbison a beer. But hilariously, the artist says that he really needs “to get out of Hazzard County as soon” as he can.

He’s not wrong, because as Boss Hogg rips up the original traffic ticket, he issues Roy another one. This time for supposedly “slowing traffic.” The boys and Hogg alike use the opportunity to squeeze another song out of the singer.

According to Genius, “Oh, Pretty Woman” was released in 1964 and reached #1 on both the US and UK charts. In 1991, Orbison posthumously won a Grammy for the song. It seems like the song is still everywhere even today.

The celebrity speed trap is a fun “Dukes” device for incorporating performances like Orbison’s. Throughout the show, other notable guest performances included Hoyt Axton, Freddy Fender, and Waylon Jennings himself.