‘Ozark’ Fans Believe Series Ripped Off One Scene from ‘Better Call Saul’

by Matthew Memrick

Maybe it’s a ripoff, or perhaps it’s a homage, but “Ozark” fans think one particular scene is eerily similar to one from “Better Call Saul.”

Looper focused on the Netflix dark crime drama, which seems to be winding down after three seasons. After 32 Emmy nominations, it may be time for the popular show to fade off into the sunset. Critics have praised the Jason Bateman-helmed show as it winds down with a two-part final season.

Bateman’s Marty Byrde character has worked well, fleeing the seedy Chicago underworld to that of Missouri drug cartels, two-bit criminals, and evil federal officers. 

But it’s so easily seeing the similarities to “Ozark” and the award-winning AMC shows of “Breaking Bad” and “Better Call Saul.”

It’s all anti-hero makes downward spiral into more and more trouble while taking the family down with him. And the “Ozark” supporting cast of Laura Linney, Julia Garner, and Lisa Emery) work so well with Bateman. Oh, and mix in the drug kingpin and the corrupted federal agents, and you’ve got quite the show.

Season 3 Scene Almost A Duplicate? 

“Ozark” fans have zoomed in on one uncanny fact. Flashy car buying. Like straight off the lot, neon-yellow cars that draw attention.

The “Ozark” opportunistic marriage counselor, Sue Shelby (played by Marylouise Burke), shows up with a shiny, bright yellow sports car. Shelby fleeced the Byrdes out of the money, and now her sinful luxury car could lead to questions by any intelligent investigator.

“Better Call Saul” fans picked up on the car and likened it to the Season 2 scene where once-desperate Daniel Wormald goes from broke to driving a bright yellow Hummer SUV to a drug deal.

One fan laughed at what he thought was a ripoff, but others were confused about who stole from whom. Another user felt the Wormald’s sloppy move connection was more of a “homage” or a friendly nod.

Diehard “Ozark” fans, like Redditor u/OzRockabella, have caught more than one “ripoff,” saying the show writers have frequently gone to the “Breaking Bad” well for ideas. Another Redditor u/100_Duck-sized_Ducks was alike that he kept realizing both “Ozark” and “Better Call Saul” kept getting mixed up in his head.

Either way, while the nods to the one AMC show are there, but “Ozark” may have more oomph to its tragic outcome. 

Netflix Releasing Two Chunks of “Ozark”

After a two-year gap, “Ozark” fans recently learned when their beloved show returns to Netflix.

But there’s still some time to wait before Season 4’s final 14-episode season comes out. The streaming service is dropping seven episodes on Friday, January 21, 2022, and then they’re tormenting fans by releasing the final seven shows later in the years. Oh, Netflix, how cruel can you be?