Ozzy Osbourne on the ‘Road to Nowhere’ in Legendary Rural Highway Snap

by Matthew Memrick

Legendary rocker Ozzy Osbourne’s recent rural highway photo is of him with a nod to his famous song “Road to Nowhere.”

He posed in a black shirt and black pants. He had his arms lifted wide open and a look away from the photographer. The afternoon desert-like picture guaranteed that it was where ever he was, it was hot.

The British-born singer, 72, did not divulge where the location of the photo. Many fans responded with guesses, linking him to New Mexico, California, and Eloy, Arizona. Someone even guessed Australia.

Similarly, fans also threw out lyrics to the song. Over 4,000 people liked his post.

The day before, Ozzy Osbourne posted an old photo of himself dressed up in makeup for a show.

Osbourne On The ‘Road to Nowhere’ A Tease

Ozzy Osbourne and his team have kept busy lately. 

Maybe the “Road to Nowhere” picture teased the recent news of Osbourne’s new take on a 1991 solo classic.

Rolling Stone reported that Ozzy Osbourne would have a unique, extras-filled “No More Tears” reissue for its 30th anniversary. Additionally, the magazine said that close to a dozen rare tracks would be for streaming in the fall. The album had hits “No More Tears” and “Mama I’m Coming Home.” 

Osbourne talked with iheart.com about the record, considered one of his best solo efforts.

“I have a lot of great memories of making the album,” Ozzy Osbourne said. “We worked hard on the record with John Purdell and Duane Baron, who became extra two members of the band. Before we went into the studio, we discussed what we were going to do — everything was planned.”

Guitarist Zakk Wylde shared his love for Osbourne and the magic of “No More Tears.”

“Whatever you’re hearing on the record is pretty much first thing [Ozzy] started singing that naturally came out of him, that he started hearing in his head. Which is amazing,” Wylde recalled.  

Ozzy Osbourne Is The Same

Recently, Ultimate Guitar reported on a podcast in which producer Max Norman talked about working with Ozzy Osbourne on his 1980 debut “Blizzard of Ozz.”

Consequently, Norman also worked with Ozzy on 1981’s “Diary of a Madman” and 1983’s “Bark at the Moon.”

On The Eddie Trunk Podcast, Norman had kind words to say about Ozzy, saying the rocker hasn’t changed much.

Also, Norman said that people’s Osbourne views range wildly. But to him, the frontman is still astute, lucid, and funny to him.

“I think that some of it is a little bit of a smokescreen,” Norman added. “When he doesn’t want to be bothered with people, he kind of burbles a bit whatever.

Ozzy Osbourne Back On The Road

Osbourne goes back on tour with “No More Tours 2” in early 2022 with several European concert dates. 

First, Ozzy starts in Berlin, Germany, on Jan. 26. The leg of that tour looks to finish in February with Hamburg on Valentine’s Day.