Ozzy Osbourne Looks Back at Epic Throwback Photo of Him and Randy Rhoads

by Quentin Blount

Rock star Ozzy Osbourne took to social media to post a throwback photo of him with his good friend, and former bandmate, the late Randy Rhoads.

Osbourne posted a picture to Twitter on Saturday morning for his 5.3 million followers. The photo shows the two rocking out on stage during the Blizzard of Ozz Tour.

The Blizzard of Ozz Tour was the British vocalist’s first concert tour as a solo artist since being fired from the English group Black Sabbath a year prior. The tour started on September 12, 1980, and concluded on September 13, 1981.

“Blizzard of Ozz Tour,” the legendary rocker captioned the photo.

Ozzy Osbourne met Rhoads during an important turning point in his life. After his departure from Black Sabbath, Ozzy made his way into the status of being a solo artist. During that time he was introduced to Rhoads, who was a sensational American guitarist.

Osbourne and Rhoads would often perform and party together. The two quickly became best friends, as well as bandmates. Ozzy even referred to Rhoads as “his brother.”

Rhoads consistently showcased his guitar skills to perfectly match Osbourne’s high-strung and unpredictable personality. They had unquestionable chemistry during their short time together. It was impossible not to enjoy the interactions between the two on stage. The dynamic duo had the ability to ignite a rock n’ roll fire at every venue they performed at.

“I’ll never forget those days, even more so with that than all the years with Sabbath,” said Osbourne. “The couple of years with Randy were so special.”

Ozzy Osbourne Pays Tribute to Randy Rhoads

Osbourne paid tribute to the dynamic Rhoads on social media earlier this month as well. He did so by tweeting a photo of the two performing together.

Rhoads passed away in a tragic plane accident at just 25 years old on March 19, 1982. Five years after his death, Ozzy released his live album, Tribute. The album featured Osbourne’s work with Rhoads and was released in honor of him.

The album encapsulates Osbourne’s first two solo efforts, Blizzard of Ozz and Diary of a Madman. However, Tribute mainly showcases Rhoads’ spectacular talent on the guitar.

“He was such a nice guy. A very gentle man, a very tiny man… but so powerful with his instrument.,” said Osbourne.

An extremely talented guitarist disappeared from the world too soon in the loss of Rhoads. This left Osbourne filled with devastation by the death of his “little brother.”

However, even in Rhoads’ short time on Earth, he was able to inspire future guitarists around the world. And perhaps more importantly, he showed Osbourne the meaning of true friendship.