Ozzy Osbourne Perfectly Captions Epic Stage Pic With One Simple Emoji

by Chris Haney

On Tuesday morning, legendary Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne perfectly captioned a photo of himself singing in concert with a single emoji.

The heavy metal lead singer shared a picture where he’s wearing a black long-sleeved shirt with a gold skull. The Prince of Darkness is gripping the microphone stand with one hand and the mic with his other. In the background, you can see that the drum kit has the word “OZZY” across the bass drum. Therefore the photo in question is likely from an older Ozzy Osbourne concert instead of a show with Black Sabbath.

As Osbourne looks at the camera his maniacal grin and laugh is captured in its entirety. In addition to the picture, his Twitter account posted a simple laughing emoji that mirrors Ozzy’s expression perfectly.

While Ozzy Osbourne still tours as a solo artist, Black Sabbath have brought their touring days to an end. The band originally fired the singer because of his alcohol and drug problems in 1979. However, Ozzy went on to have a successful solo career as well. Black Sabbath reunited a handful of times to tour together. But just a few years ago, the heavy metal godfathers graced fans with their final collective shows.

Ozzy Osbourne Shuts Down Possibility of Black Sabbath Reunion

Last year, Ozzy Osbourne spoke with Rolling Stone and put an end to rumors of a possible reunion with his Black Sabbath bandmates.

In 2017, Black Sabbath’s famous “The End Tour” came to a final stop on February 4, 2017. The band ended their 81-show tour in their hometown of Birmingham, England. After tour stops across the world in North America, Europe, Australia, and South America, Black Sabbath finally said farewell to their legion of fans on the road.

In 2020, Black Sabbath lead guitarist Tony Iommi made comments about reuniting for further live shows. Yet during his interview, Ozzy Osbourne quickly shot that possibility down.

“Not for me,” Osbourne said. “It’s done. The only thing I do regret is not doing the last farewell show in Birmingham with [drummer] Bill Ward. I felt really bad about that. It would have been so nice. I don’t know what the circumstances behind it were, but it would have been nice. I’ve talked to him a few times. But I don’t have any of the slightest interest in [doing another gig]. Maybe Tony’s getting bored.”

While Ozzy Osbourne may not be keen on further live shows, he made sure to acknowledge how close he is to his bandmates. He called them his “brothers” and reflected on the 50th anniversary of their 1970 self-titled debut album.

“When they came out, I remember thinking, ‘Well, this will be all right for a few years,'” he said. “F—ing 50 years later, it’s still going. Those guys [are] my brothers, you know? They go back to my childhood. It’s more than a friendship with me and them guys; it’s a family. I don’t know any other people as long as I’ve known them.”