Ozzy Osbourne Pictured Walking With a Cane in Latest Public Appearance

by Will Shepard

On Wednesday, March 24, Ozzy Osbourne made an appearance in public for the first time in a while. There was something a bit different about the rock star than usual. As he was walking into a Beverly Hills office building, with a bodyguard next to him, he needed a bit of assistance.

The rock star was using a cane to aid his walk. Ozzy Osbourne, as some may know, was diagnosed in 2019 with Parkinson’s disease. Even though he was using a cane, the 72-year-old looked to be doing just fine. Battling a gnarly disease like he is doing is no easy task. But, the Black Sabbath singer looks like he is holding his own against the disorder.

For many who battle Parkinson’s, it is not uncommon to see them needing a cane. Parkinson’s is a brutal disease that grasps the brain and makes life much more difficult. A cane will often help stabilize a walk for those who deal with it.

In Ozzy Osbourne’s case, he told the public in January 2020 that he is dealing with Parkin 2. Parkin 2, in his case, causes nerve pain and leaves his legs cold. When he told the public, he said that he has been dealing with the disease for roughly a year.

Ozzy Osbourne Is Seen Walking Into an Office Building With a Cane

Of course, the legendary rock star was wearing a mask, as per the pandemic regulations. Nonetheless, his patented long hair still looks glorious.

This is the first time that Ozzy Osbourne has made a public appearance in a while. In fact, it is the first time since his wife, Sharon, has been dealing with racism allegations on The Talk.

Sharon Osbourne Dealing With Racism Backlash

Meanwhile, Ozzy Osbourne’s wife has an uncertain future with CBS’s show. After the Oprah interview with Harry and Meghan Markle, she has been facing significant backlash.

The music legend’s wife made comments during The Talk to her co-host about her supporting Piers Morgan. Her comments were directed toward Sheryl Underwood and came off as incredibly racist. Since then, she has apologized in a way, but for many, it feels like too little.

Now, Ozzy Osbourne’s wife is under internal review, and the show is on an unplanned hiatus. There is no telling when or if the show will be back on the air.