Paige Spiranac: Eye-Catching Recent Photos and Videos

by Will Shepard

Paige Spiranac is one of the most popular Instagram golf influencers out there. Her following is almost at three million on Instagram alone.

She is constantly pegged as just another female social media influencers selling sex appeal to grow her brand. But, those who follow her or know her, can tell a very different story about Paige Spiranac.

In fact, she is an excellent golfer. Her form is amazing, she can drive the ball as well as any professional golfer, and best of all her tips are really helpful.

However, that doesn’t stop her from doing her work as a social media influencer. She posts pictures to her social media that can make anyone jealous.

Paige Spiranac captions this post with a hilarious message. “How people think I play golf #newaimpoint #thisisajoke #noidontreallydothis #iggolfgirl #theyseemerollintheyhatin No greens were harmed in the making of this video.”

Paige Spiranac Eye-Catching Photos and Nude Scandal

Nonetheless, some of Paige Spiranac’s most eye-catching posts aren’t about golf at all. Rather, she shows off her body. She partners with a lot of well-known brands, which include swimsuits and apparel companies.

Additionally, back in 2018, Paige Spiranac was chosen as one of the models to be in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit.

Not only does she grace the pages of modeling magazines, but she also posts near scandalous pictures on her social media. More importantly, Paige Spiranac had to deal with a nude photo being leaked by an ex-boyfriend. Quickly the photo began circulating the internet.

Spiranac was being forced to deal with a barrage of people blackmailing her about the image. Eventually, decided to take control of the situation and own the photo. In the process of taking back ownership of her image, she found herself again. It gave the model a new sense of empowerment and re-invigorated her drive in life.

“Winning in my mind was taking control of my body. I was nude, I was completely naked. That was the best moment for me. I felt so empowered, and I was like, ‘Okay, if I’m going to do this, I’m doing it on my terms,’ and I took it back. I took my body back. That was the moment I won, right there, when I did Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, and I had my t–ts out.”

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